Friday, 26 March 2010

Yes or no?

Monday was spent at town for almost 10 solid hours. Can't believe I actually spend such a long time there!

Watched When In Rome. It was crazily funny and worth watching! I also want to watch Toy Story 3 (Ah! Those childhood days...) and Sex and The City 2!. Rec 2's coming out..I can still remember about the 1st installation...the really really skinny (skin and bones) zombie at the end of the show that still freaked me out occasionally.

Me: my eyeliner smudged! Argh
*takes out cotton stick and tries to wipe it off under the eyes*
Me: ooH! Or is that my eyebags?

I've been sleeping very late these days not because I want to but because my body tells me to. Just as good, sleeping too much is not good ;)


I'm still contemplating on whether to accept the Diploma + offer or not. It's a really tough decision for me because I do not like studying but on the other hand, I don't want to lose out. Everyone's getting smarter and smarter these days and there's competition everywhere. But in the end, I will just follow my heart.


  1. WHEN IN ROME!? Check out my eyebags. It's worse.

  2. Babe, I'll respect your decision. :)

  3. yeah i lost one of the necklaces argh!