Wednesday, 21 April 2010

DIY from Jeans to Shorts

As I was randomly browsing through the wardrobe of overflowing clothes, I found this pair of 2009 jeans which was totally brand new - not worn out before at all. Not even a minute! Didn't like the cutting of the jeans so I decided to snip!snip!snip! them into a shorts. Need more shorts.

I initially wanted to create a rugged and torn look but was against it in the end.

The best part? I love this shade of denim! Not too dark nor light; Just right. Happy me :)

Yes, that's a scar you're looking at. Can't believe I'm telling the whole world this. I've got this 3D scar on the left of my waist which I had gotten from a bicycle accident few years ago. A permanent scar ever since. The 2nd scar which I had gotten from another bicycle accident is right above my lips. Not that obvious now but it would never ever go away.

PS: What should I do with the remaining fabric?


  1. Tell your mama to make another shorts for you with that fabric. Hehehe.

  2. if she don't know how, how?

  3. Aiya then i also don't know.