Sunday, 13 June 2010

Life's a journey. Travel it well.

Don't act like you know me well when you don't.

Taken in Old School during our Photo Journalism class. I like this!

swimming goggles for the dogs.

3 days of shopping left a big hole in my wallet. It's once in a while thing and probably a long time ahead before I can shop like that again so it's okay. Money can be earned back and I will eat economical rice ($1.90) in school everyday ha!ha! saving bit by bit.


Make that 4 days. Or at least 3 days.

Oh did I mention, the thick gold loop earrings I've pampered myself with was darn heavy my ears screamed for me to take them off. But, Perseverance is telling me to hang on so I shall wear it with my Black Maxi on Monday.

An orange Vans caught my eye and C tempted me to try it on which led to another want purchase. He didn't even bother to try and confirmed his purchase already. It was that tempting.

But no, I'm not going to chuck my Red aside just because it is common like that. I always have this "someone better not wear the same shoe as me" whenever I wear the Red out. 90% of the time, I never fail to see someone wearing it as well. Oh the dreads and horror. When I don't wear it out and I see someone wearing it, I will silently go "Phew! Luckily I didn't wear the Red out".

Hopefully, the Orange would not turn into Red II.


  1. Wah, the next one would be Yellow. Then Green. Then Blue. Then ....
    It'll be a rainbow collection of Vans.

  2. I want yellow! But it's sold out :P