Sunday, 20 June 2010

more shopping at town

Had an awesome Saturday in town (the usual saturday thing) and I was surprised we were a little more than halfway through our shopping routine after 5 hours. Usually, I would be bored after a few hours and wonder where I should go next heh. C had cravings for the crazily huge double choco blackout cake at P.S Cafe so we went there again. This time, however, I felt that the portion is smaller than the one at Palais Renaissance but we're still unable to finish that slice hehe. It was too choco-ly but damn shiok!! Dip some hot chocolate sauce over a bite of cake with some vanilla icecream and savour it slowly. Yummy.

Signature dessert: Must try!


Dinner was over at Kichi Kichi at Ngee Ann City. That outlet was newly opened yesterday.

Manpower was shorthanded. Orders had to be repeated time and time again. Plates were piled up to tower high and were only cleared when requested. I barely saw any plates of chicken. Then, when I put it into the soup, size shrank and I had a hard time finding it (lol).

The prawns stopped appearing on the conveyor belt in the late 7pm and you would have to order it if you want to because I never saw any prawns again after that.

We ordered the wagyu beef and it came after a long long time. We also ordered green tea that never came and yet, was billed to us. Coke was served old school (they don't serve water) but it cost $2.90+++ and I thought that was expensive!

Bill totalled to over $150, comparable to the price of what we ate at Jumbo Seafood (think kangkong, crispy-skin chicken, huge ass pincer chilli crab, frog legs which was really awesome and satisfying)

Overall, great concept. I like how we can simply take the dishes off the conveyor belt without needing to stand up. I also like the variety of sauces provided and the many soup bases to choose. We had the signature mushroom soup base which I didn't think it was impressive and the tom yum soup base. The tom yum (ardent fan of tom yum soup!) is lacking in flavour and I don't fancy either soup bases.

Service definitely needs a lot of improvement. Will I go there again? Maybe for the student's price offer haha :P


Been quite a while since I went shopping with X and we both wore black maxis out! Wah~ her bag really suits the maxi hehe.

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