Monday, 12 July 2010

Le Bon Marché + Absinthe

I am always impressed by the service I've received in fine dining restaurants and if you may ask, there is a stark difference in the service you receive in a typical restaurant compared to a fine dining one.

Le Bon Marché

Located in an easily missed spot of Bukit Timah, this French Bistro also sells gourmet food like a mini mart.

The BF had the 3 course set lunch special. First up was appetizer

Large chunk of tuna and a nicely poached egg seated in the centre. I'm not a fan of salads but the dressing kept me reaching out for more.

beef "onlet" with ultra crispy fries. I love the fries!

left: wasabi. mild compared to the jap version.
right: complimentary walnut salad (yucks walnut yucks) to go with the........ (see below)

Duck confit. First time trying duck confit! It tastes really different from the chinese duck heh. The fats of the skin melts in your mouth and the skin is rather crispy. The potato puree has a very smooth texture. Sauce tasted a little like Chinese at first mouth hehehehe.

Marshmallow dessert. This was too sweet for my liking so it's a no-no for me.

I was tempted to try the desserts but was too full to proceed. You can never enjoy food when you are full :) So the next time then!


Dinner was at Absinthe.

Ambience was romantic to the max. We were seated at a corner so the lightings were more dim than the central area which was not to my liking. I like to see what I am eating so I would prefer one that is not too dim yet not bright.

I supposed, the classy, sophisticated ambience and wonderful service justify the high price tags.

We had a 3-course dinner which we wonderfully enjoyed. The manager, in particular, had a sense of humour. The servers interacted with us, occasionally dropping by for small chats and asking how we like our food. I believe, feedbacks are important for restaurants.etc to improve :)

Entrees: foie gras and king crab
Main: roasted black cod and tenderloin
Desserts: Lemon souffle and warm apple tart

Of course, with a glass of champagne or wine to go with the food is a must. Considering the extensive wine list they have there, one is sure to be spoilt for choice. We had the recommendation of Billecart-Salmon Brut Réserve. I could feel my face beginning to flush with a sip or two. I get red THAT easily.

someone please tell me if this bread is available anywhere outside. It's so flavourful and +++yummy!

the king crab starter with peach bits. Very refreshing taste to it and kind of exotic.

The foie gras dish. The fats simply melt into delightness when you placed it in your mouth. However, it is too overwhelming and rich for me to finish it by myself.

The cod fish dish is excellently executed. The flesh is ultra smooth (as smooth as baby skin!), soft and tender. It is roasted to perfection. The potatoes were however, not much to my liking. Love the vegetables too! It goes really well with the sauce.

The grain-fed tenderloin of Black Angus beef: Medium Rare. I am unable to appreciate beef (especially one that is bloody) but I thought this was not bad. So was the Senso's version.

After our main course, the manager warmly showed us their French cheeses. The smelly cheese left the deepest impression in me. It was downright smelly like athlete's foot which was.. a turn off for me. I can never visualize myself eating that.

Who likes smelly cheese here (and smelly beancurd)?


I love the chocolate ice-cream! Very rich! The apple tart was awesome too. I thought the portion of the peach tart was tad pricey. I had the bulk of the dessert because my partner was too full to carry on.

Ah... sinful!

I had a wonderful birthday celebration with my loved one and I really appreciate the effort he has put in for this day, just for me.

Thank you babe and I will make sure yours will be a blast too HEHE! :)