Thursday, 19 August 2010

the BF's birthday on saturday

Esmirada: Mediterranean cuisine

Signature garlic bread.
IMO, it is not worth the price but you may like to give it a try. The bread is crusty, the garlic is fragrant and the insides are soft.

Burgundy Escargots
It tasted rather exotic for my taste buds. The snails were juicy and there was a slight hint of brandy.

Swordfish skewer
I've heard much ravings about Esmirada skewers and am keen to try it. The bf commented that the swordfish was juicy but it is not really to my liking. The flesh is too tough for me and I grew tired of chewing it. The bell pepper tasted fine, nothing special though.

Paella Espanola
Paella is one of the world's most famous rice dishes and obviously it is a must to order when you eat Spanish. It was my first time eating saffron rice and I fell in love with it. Every grain of rice is one of its own and doesn't stick to each other. The portion is rather generous as well, able to feed 2 persons with smaller appetites.

Now I've got a new mission - in search of the best paella from different places around Singapore and in the future if I've the chance, from various Mediterranean countries :)


Forlino at 1 fullerton

Forlino is the perfect place for couples with the romantic settings and it is located near the river with a breathtaking view by the window. The dim lightings were not as dim as Absinthe's (I need to see my food!!!) and I was glad as I could see my food clearly.

We had the Degustation Menu as it seems interesting.

I love their Foccacia bread! It is lightly salted and tasted a little like roti prata (says the bf). I would have pack home if I could!

I love fine dining breads. They're oh-so-good!

First up:

Amuse Bouche

This dish is not fixed and that day, we had it served with a slice of octopus. The octopus tastes very original and the moose goes well with the bread (even though it is not meant to go with HEHE!)

Crab Salad with Wild Rucola, Sweet Pea Leaves and Cantaloupe

I love this dish but the bf doesn't as he prefers the Absinthe's version. The crab meat tastes sweet and they are quite generous with the serving of crab meat.

Pan Roasted King Scallops with French Beans and Hazelnuts

I was really looking forward to this dish! The scallops are sweet and soft in the inside. It is not hard to chew (unlike some scallops where I have to chew and chew for it to break completely) and it feels rather raw in the inside. The beans are so simple yet so yummy! I was expecting more than 2 scallops though.

Tagliatelle with Duck Confit and Goose Liver

When the dish was placed in front of me, the aroma immediately travelled to my nose. It smells SO good. I was looking forward to the foie gras and it did not fall short of my expectations. The surface has this thin crispiness and I enjoy every bite of it. I would prefer the foie gras here to Absinthe's. The pasta has this buttery (bf said cheese) feel to it and a taste that my taste buds could not recognize. The bf thought it tastes like Mee Pok though! A pity I was unable to finish the pasta because if I did, there would be no room for the next dish!

Roasted Suckling Pig with ‘Pimento’ Peppers and Spiced Apple Sauce

I totally dig the apple sauce. The skin of the roasted suckling pig is crispy and the fats melt as I slowly savour the goodness. However, towards the thicker part of the meat, the fats remained as it was and did not "melt" in my mouth which I did not like.

Liquorice Crème Brûlée with Raspberry Gelato

The Crème Brûlée is too sweet for my liking. It is good though, for someone who really has a sweet tooth. The Gelato, on the other hand, rates just nice on the sweetness level.

Coffee & Petit Fours

Nothing special about this. The Petit Fours tasted like ordinary confectionery.


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