Sunday, 19 September 2010

1st week of Internship

I wasn't expecting my internship to be anything like this. I was posted to this HR firm and was rather disappointed since I had opted for Marketing and Pyschology for my year 3 options. I did not even opt for HR in any of the choices I had filled in. I must say, it was an insight into how a HR firm operates but I was not at all interested even though I had to try hard to be. If not... how to survive for the next 5 weeks?

Thank goodness lunch was provided. That saved me from the awkwardness of going out with colleagues to eat or lunching alone (which is kind of pathetic). It was still awkward but it lessened down as days went by.

I was shocked that there are so many colleagues from China and speaking chinese is almost a must because of that. My chinese is not strong so it sucks for me too.

Also, my working hours on Saturday was supposed to be from 9am-12pm as stated on the paper but I have to knock off at 1pm instead. Wtf right.

Finally, finally, 1 week has passed. 5 more weeks before my internship would come to an end and I hope I would at least find some satisfaction in my work enough to be motivated.. to look forward to every working day.

Lesson learnt: I will never ever leave my internship fate to the school. Self sourcing is the key. I believe I would benefit more if I have been posted to a marketing department/firm.

very shocked and amazed that makeup can indeed do wonders *covers face half to compare* although I do not approve of the hairy lashes.


  1. how come u so fast got internship liao o.o

  2. Need to go internship in year 2 for the course I'm studying in :D Either 2 months or 6 months so I'm glad I chose the former :)