Tuesday, 26 October 2010

be strong. keep holding on.

We all want to escape in a way or another. We tend to feel our freedom is shortchanged and is never enough. We want to go out and see the world, to breathe in the sights and experience what we've heard and seen.

They could not bear living in that little enclosed cage of theirs and so they escaped. Their world, unlike ours, are partially blind and full of uncertainties. As they fell and scurried around in search of something that could fascinate them, raise their endorphins level or have an out of the world experience, they barely found anything. Oh yes, the mega space where they could play Catch and the food bits on the floor which they curiously nimbled on.

It stopped there.

Possibly the worst part - they lost their partner in the strange environment.

One was too tired to carry on that she decided to take a rest underneath the dusty kitchen cupboard. Where could that place be? Where could her partner be? Feelings of anxiety and fear overwhelmed her entire being. She was afraid to continue and there she waited, hoping that her partner would appear right before her eyes. But wasn't that what they wanted? To gain freedom, to see the world, to explore the world of possibilities.

Well, the world is not as easy and simple as it seems to be. It is beautiful but there's an ugly side. There are things we can expect to happen, but there are many uncertainties too. There are lots of happiness spread around, as well as sadness, sorrow and grief.

Nothing is fixed. We choose our own paths. We shape our future. Full of risks but no pain, no gain. Perhaps, they had no regrets doing that because at least... they tried.

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