Monday, 1 November 2010

IAH Event - Granado Espada Renaissance Ball

Gaming + Charity Event at Raffles Hotel (27th Oct 2010):

Basically, this event is to commemorate the 5th version of the IAHGames Granado Espada, titled "Renaissance". Cool huh the name!

It consists of a charity auction featuring game items (awesome stats) that are not released yet in the game itself. I must say, the auction is really a success as it exceeded the what the organizers hope to raise (at least $3000) for the Habitat for Humanity Singapore.

Yep! Proceeds of the auction will go to Charity :) Talk about social responsibility here!

Registration counter!

Waiting for the event to start so we proceeded to the red carpet for some picture taking! Sponsors behind ;)

food and beverage...

More people arriving and waiting excitedly for the event to start...

the mc... she's actually dressed up as the latest, yet-to-be-released character, Valeria.

the television screening scenes of the new version & later used to showcase the auction items...

bidding starts!

Very cute..the costume.. I like

Mr Jonathon Sze, the product manager of Granado Espada making a speech.

It was a rather interesting sight to see how enthusiastic and passionate those gamers were.. Overall, 10 items were up for auction and they've raised a total of $7k plus (twice their target!) so thumbs up for that!

The 5th version of granado espada is launched today! YES TODAY! So if you're a player, go check it out if you have not ;)

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