Sunday, 24 October 2010

It's an asian thing.

If... IF you are a follower of my blog, you will expect to see a lot of food pictures. I'm such a food person and I CAN'T LIVE WITHOUT FOOD. I know, everybody literally cannot live without food but I'm the sort of person who must have food around me if not I will feel uneasy like I need to munch on something. You know????! Like...... even when I'm very full already I will still be able to eat because I feel the need to.

Weird I know but yes I love to snack a lot. That explains the almost unusual proportion of my tummy versus my boobs, legs, arms....etc. Or maybe all the food I've consumed just goes to my tummy (not really a fml but fml!).

The crazy things I do when I'm (suddenly) hungry... (Note: Never.. NEVER go near a hungry person.)

Drink & drink & drink

source: my twitter

I must be off my head but I was reallyyyyy hungry and thirsty (okay not really but I like exaggeration being input there) and there's this new coffee oreo shake that was launched in Macs so I obviously have to try it. I loveeeeee trying new stuffs. Couldn't resist teehee!

So after the shake, I was even more thirsty (wtf right) so I drank the soy milk that I found in the fridge. I was lazy to pour myself a cup of water because it takes time to on the tap, wait for the water to fill the cup and so on... Might as well make do with the ready-made beverage! The next thing I drank was chocolate milk (more wtf!! I wondered what made me do that.).

After that, I could not sleep because I felt so bloated I wanted to DIE. I felt like PUKING all the way up till the next afternoon. Total fml. The end feeling was SO horrible.

Lesson learnt: Never want to go hungry and drink to the point that I feel sick!

Make funny faces and capture the moments

Wear a wig

This...... can...... distract........ me....... from.......... my.......... hunger...... can......... distract......... can....... can...................NOT............. distract me from my hunger pangs!!!

handy wig!

proceeds to show Lessie.

He doesn't like it ):

Too bad for him then!

Do silly things (Measure Lessie's waist)

Lessie's waist is 16"-17" -.- He's a fattie but I like!!!

Play wild with Lessie.



Take picture of my nostrils

Gross but.. Spot my pi sai if you can.

Take off some clothes from my wardrobe, mess it up and pack it again

I can do this... distraction.. Distraction is key!!!

Argh! This is making me even more hungry. Fail.

maybe I can.....


I keep my mind clear of food. I keep my mind clear of food. I keep my mind clear of food. No food. I am not hungry. Absolutely not. Oh fart.

Doesn't help.. Obviously.

Desperate measure: Searching the toilet for snacks
(sometimes my mum keeps tibits, cup noodles, snacks.. whatever there because everytime she keeps it in the kitchen it will be missing the next day and she will have no chance to eat it. The toilet is a very good hiding place by the way. I am serious.)

searching the cupboards first...


In the shower screen...

Could it be amongst the plastic bags or in it???

aaahh.. no :'(





Need to hide until like that or not?!


my life saver hehee.



Proceeds to open it...


Is it REALLY that good? (But.. Left a few chips only. Might as well eat finish!! -___-)

My dear stomach, food IS ON THE WAY!!!

And so I tried the Sour Cream and Onion and Original flavour. I prefer the original flavour. It is very addictive! Once you start, you can't stop! Rice is an asian thing and I believe we asians cannot do without rice YEAH?

There are 4 flavours to choose from.

I'm so going to buy the other 2 flavours soon!

original flavour FTW!

Bring the chips out so you can nom nom on the way

Must... stockup more of this so that I can snack on it whenever I want!

I must be mad to do all these crazy stuffs because....

There’s no need to act like a madman because there is Mister Potato Rice Crisps for you to munch on, anytime, anywhere.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.