Thursday, 25 November 2010

Gradient Nails

My current favourite: OPI Suzi Says Fengshui (a shade of charming blue)

My attempts at marbling nails failed miserably. I just could not get the water temperature right. How do I go about it?! Anyone knows?

I always get stuck at the step when I used the toothpick to swirl the polish around and the polish always get stuck onto the toothpick. How?! I've tried researching and watching tutorials to no avail.

Help ):

My first attempt at gradient nails. Blue is my favourite colour so I decided to try blue and pink as pink is a good combination with blue.

Please ignore the mess around the nails. I've got no chapped stick and I don't want to ruin my nails with the nail polish remover!

Not a perfect try but I'm satisfied with it. The pink gradient looks really smooth IRL and overall, the whole thing looks nicer IRL too. I think the camera is too clear so all the flaws are captured!

Hopefully I can master the art of marbling nails. Till then!

Ta-da ;)


  1. hey twinniee
    its been so long ey
    more and more lenglui liao lo. =D
    my fb and msn tio hacked =/
    got myself a new one.

  2. whoa! Okay I'll add you :D