Thursday, 18 November 2010

Who has the longest hair of them all?

I hate short hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder how Rapunzel keeps her hair so silky smooth when it's so freaking long.. not damaged meh? My hair is short and the ends are disgustingly damaged already!!!

(Rapunzel movie coming upppppp btw!!!!)

I hate short hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I know short hair is nicer on some people but it just doesn't work for me ): Thank god my short hair days are over ;)

Now my hair has grown to shoulder length (happy me!) and I'm waiting for it to grow to my ass hehehehe (happy waiting) which it would take like YEARS.

Ever since I cut my hair really short, I've been getting questions like, "Why do you cut your hair? Why?? WHY? WHY?"

Why must you ask me that question?!?!...

Sec 4: (See the length of my hair... my golden days ha!ha!ha!)

and then...

it becomes this short!

early 2010: this is not the shortest though. I look too toot with my shortest hair so not going to post here ;) but you can find it in FB!

now comes the real NOW! late 2010..


all gloomy, dull and sad looking me


I want back my longgggg hair.. my rapunzel hair (jkjk how can I ever have rapunzel hair lol)...

ah! Idea strucked me!

Having medium length hair doesn't mean you can't have long hair. There's always something called a wig, extension and so on....... it's time to be creative and style your hair whatever way you want ;)

Sweet and demure looking style

a twittish picture of miiee!!!

Tribal Indie style

okay as if it looks like tribal or indie hahaha.

Nerd style

Hiiiiiiiiii, I love my ponytails.

*frowns* looks too plain.. need to add on something.....................





accessorizing it!!
slightly puffy fringe acts at least 1cm to height

leopard print hairband. so rad LOLOL...

Even though my hair can never be like Rapunzel's, I'll be contented if it grows to near ass length ;)

Btw, Rapunzel A.K.A Tangled (Disney movie so must watch!!!) is coming out and I am stoked.

Check out the trailer here:

What about you? Bring your hair to life now at

Catch Rapunzel: A Tangled Tale Movie starting from 25th November (3D only) & 2 December island wide and join the official Disney Studios Singapore Facebook & Twitter page!

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