Sunday, 26 December 2010


Dear 2010,

you have been an angel and a jerk to me. Sometimes, I hate you for letting assholes into my peaceful life. Then again, it may be a blessing in disguise. I've fallen but I found the strength to stand up. I recovered and emerged stronger than before. I understood more about the harsh realities of life. I understood how things do not always go smoothly the way we would love it to. I withstood humiliation, experienced grief, anger, betrayal, joy, happiness and so on. I became a more mature person as a result. 2010, I made and lost friends. I realized the importance of capturing moments in photographs and videos. I treasured Lessie even more. Sometimes, I hate myself for often letting pessimistic thoughts get to me. It kills me slowly. Also, certain relationships were rebuilt because of the passing of someone. It takes absence to appreciate presence. How true. Seems like life is too ironic to comprehend just like how it takes sorrow to appreciate happiness and noise to appreciate silence. A few more days before 2010 is a thing of the past. I look forward to the future with whatever is going to come my way. I know that no matter what happens, everything happens for a reason. Good or bad - you are bound to learn something from it. Nothing will be perfect because if it is, it is not real. Learn to live with it if you cannot change anything. Everything will eventually come to an end and every ending signals a new beginning.

Hello 2011.


  1. I have the exactly same thought as what you typed in the post LOL! :3

  2. haha xD come to sg soon!

  3. Capturing moments in photographs and videos. \m/
    "It takes absence to appreciate presence." - Nice way to put it. All the best in 2011, wish your days be filled with laughter.

  4. May your 2011 be filled with lots of valuable lessons & joy :)

    \m/ is so random!