Sunday, 30 January 2011

Society's expectations

If you're pretty, you must have an ugly heart. If you're ugly, you deserve it.
If you're studious, you are a nerd. If you're not studious, you play a lot.
If you score good grades, it's not because you are smart but because you study all the time. If you didn't score good grades, it's because you are dumb.
If you have a lot of friends, they're not your real friends. If you have few friends, you're unpopular.
If you put on thick makeup, you're bimbotic and ugly on the inside so you should eat that makeup. If you do not wear any makeup, it means you are someone who is lazy and doesn't bother to make yourself look presentable.
If you dress up, you're trying to attract attention. If you don't dress up, someone please call the fashion police.
If you have thousands of friends on facebook, you're an attention seeker. If you have only a hundred friends on facebook, you're a loner.
If you're attached, you're lucky someone wants you. If you're not attached, it must be because nobody wants you. Either that or you're too demanding.
If you're introverted, you're unfriendly and aloof. If you are extroverted, you're trying too hard to attract attention.
If you're skinny, you need a burger. If you're fat, you must have eaten like a pig and of course you should go on a diet.
If you drink, you're an alcoholic. If you don't drink, you're not sociable.
If you smoke, you think it's cool but we all think it's not. If you don't smoke, you're uncool.
If you've had sex, you're a slut. If you're still a virgin, it's because you can't get laid.
If you own a branded bag in your teens, you're materialistic and it must be your parents who paid for it. If you don't own a branded bag, that's because you don't know all these brands.
If you agree to meet up with someone you met online, you're easy (and a slut). If you don't agree to meet up with someone you met online, you're too uptight.
If you wear clothes that reveal your cleavage or a lot of flesh, you're a whore. If you wear really conservative clothes, we're living in the 21st century so what the hell is wrong with you.
If you're a girl and you sport really short hair, you're a butch. If you're a girl and you have long flowy hair, ugh do you think you're rapunzel?
If you're asian and you wear coloured lenses, you're trying to be caucasian.
If you're popular, you're an attention seeker. If you're not popular, it's because you're uncool.
If you're successful, you're lucky. If you're not successful, you don't have the capability.

You can't please everybody. So get over those nasty comments and do not let anyone bring you down.

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