Monday, 28 March 2011


People should not be afraid of ghosts. Instead, they should be afraid of people.

People lie. People kill. They murder; love themselves more than others; make use of people; put their self-interests first without thinking of the consequences. They backstab one another. They are hypocrites. They criticize people but actually, they are no more the same as others. That is the brutal truth that the obstinate people refuse to see.

In every one of us, we are made up of lies and often, we shape ourselves the way we want society to view us.

Humans... They are the scariest beings on earth. They can haunt you down in every possible way. They can do things against their conscience just to achieve their goals. They can kill you silently on the inside. They can make you feel inferior; tear your world apart; ruin your life; make your life a living hell - Anything.

People... really need to learn to love people instead of using them.

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