Tuesday, 12 April 2011

USS - 1000th day

So CC and I finally went to Universal Studios Singapore. Like FINALLY!!! And it was on our 1000th day weeee~!

Niceeeeee weather. Nice day.

The castle is so beautiful I wish I can live in there!!!

It was a pity we did not get to take a picture with the Kungfu Panda mascot and not to forget... Shrek!!!

Marilyn Monroe!!! I'd prefer if she does her signature pose :P

Charlie Chaplin. This guy is really cheeky! Close-up and you can see him sweating and his make-up smudging -.- But I think such jobs can be really fun and you can really bring smiles to so many people!

Betty Boop!! So cute haha.

We managed to take all the rides at least 1 except the water ride! We did not have the maps and we were lost. Time passed too quickly and soon it was 7 in the evening. What a waste! We even brought the poncho and wore slippers because of the water ride....

As the evening approached, we chiong-ed the Cylon, revenge of the mummy and Human before they closed for the day. Luckily for us, we managed to ride Human's 1st row. In my opinion, there is a significant increase in the level of scariness when you are sitting at the side and in the middle. It's like you can see you're dangling in mid air when you're sitting at the side! I think the front row is more fun but less scary than the back. IDK why!

Went inside Hershey's. You can smell the goodness of the chocolate even before entering the store. It smells so nice you can almost taste the candy on your tongue and it is seducing me with every step I take!!! Cannot miss taking a picture with the life-sized chocolate heehee.

We had so much fun that day and there's this DBS/POSB mastercard promotion so it was definitely worth the money. Who says money can't buy happiness? ;) (Here comes the debate.. yeah we all know that obviously money can't buy happiness every single time)

PS: Wanted to pose in front of the everyone-takes-a-picture-in-front-of-the-Universal-Studios-globe but I couldn't find the USS globe anywhere. Then when I left the place, I realised it is just right in front of the ticketing machine -_-

Random: A lot of people said that me and CC looked like siblings. I can't see any similarities in our features at all!

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