Saturday, 28 May 2011

feeling asdfghjkl in a good way

The peeling foot mask REALLY works! :) In 5-7 days (as stated on the package), my feet started to peel. I don't know why my feet chose to peel today (less than halfway only!) and not yesterday or tomorrow. I only realized it when I was at Topshop trying on shoes. Very lucky. I was kind of fascinated by the dangling skin and the texture is so rubbery teehee.

to add more life to this lifeless blog, I shall upload the pictures for you to see!

decided against uploading the original sized pictures in case you puke your meals out

my corn is MUCH softer now and I am really glad :)

Today, I finally had the chance to do some retail therapy. I am unsure of how many miles I have walked with the feet peeling (don't even know when it started to peel. It was fine this morning though).

For brunch, CC insisted on going to Queensway to nom nom the depot's road Claypot laksa eat the plain porridge with traditional ingredients but he ended up eating the claypot laksa while poor me ate the porridge. I told him this would be a strength of my will because my throat is still fighting a battle of mad coughing. I wanted so much to eat the laksa and the temptation was so strong. I'm still having the urge now btw. He was good and gave me a mouthful and I tell you, the moment it entered my mouth all my tastebuds got activated. Claypot laksa was a slut, tried to seduce me further and I gave in to temptation ):

k fast forward to dinner time at Crystal Jade XLB restaurant! Apparently, CC and I ordered too much and we could not finish.

that's not all! The serving of the noodles is humongous.

see his face like cannot take it already -_-

that's all :) Goodnight! Okay maybe not. Almost everyone is either going clubbing, hanging out or staying overnight to watch Soccer. See you all pandas tomorrow.

PS: Really hate how uploading images in blogger will make the image quality low and the picture is so damn small that I have to manually adjust it wtf!!

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