Thursday, 26 May 2011

Peeling Foot Mask

There is this persistent corn which is on the ball of my foot for a freaking long time.

I've tried many solutions, from the liquid corn remover to the calluses medicated pad to the corn remover pad but nothing seemed to work. I decided to buy the peeling foot mask by KK as it was on offer at $30 for 2 packs so why not? It was kind of expensive since it was a one-time use only but it would definitely be worth it if I could make that thing disappear.

It seemed to worsen after using the calluses pad because the calluses pad's concentrated area was far bigger than the tiny corn thus, the good skin got destroyed. I think that I had aggravated the condition of the corn :(

Apparently, the mask was very effective for removing hardened skin around the feet and the hardened skin will peel off in a matter of days, revealing smooth baby-like skin!

But..... my skin has not peeled off yet after day 1, only the area around the corn.

couldn't resist the urge to peel off the skin!

Sigh. It was a failed attempt but it did not hurt and I got really smooth skin on the rest of my feet.

Any other remedies?? I will try anything realistic to remove this bitch.


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  2. Hi!! I´m podiatrist, and of what I can see in your picture, you don´t have a corn, what you have is a wart. Hope that at this time you have found a solution to solv that situation, greetings from Portugal.

  3. Kent,

    thanks for the info. I've always thought that was a corn. It is very persistent despite my many attempts to remove it and I am still struggling to find a solution.

  4. I used to have a wart on my heel that was there for years. It took like 10 liquid nitrogen sessions and finally salicylic acid application onto it to get rid of it completely.
    Hurts a lot.

  5. Place banana peels white side down on the wart covered by tape or a bandaid at night for a few days to weeks and it will fall out. Sounds crazy but it is pain free, free and works!

  6. I was going to say I thought it looked like a plantar wart I used to have, like little whorls of skin growing in a circle and sticking up like a crop LOL. I'm glad a Podiatrist thought it looked like one, too. I went through about 3 bottles of Compound W (this was years ago) to get rid of mine. Now if I had it I would use the FreezeOff. Good luck!

  7. I had persistent cracked, thick sole on my feet for years. it didn't matter how much I exfoliated or lotions I used. I read a few months ago that apple cider vinegar works really well at sloughing off the extra skin, just like this "baby foot" thing and much less expensive. I bought the gallon size at walmart for 3.83, poured it into two shoe box size plastic containers(got those at the dollar store) and soak a foot in each container for 30 minutes every day. I don't pour out the vinegar, I just put lids on them and reuse for about a month. The first few days, you will see your skin coming off. I kept doing it(it's been three months now) because it seems to be working on my toenail fungus as well.
    it may work on your wart because it's a virus that might not like the acidic environment from the vinegar, just like the creatures under my toenails don't like it either.

  8. Your "corn" is not on the ball of your foot. It is on your big toe or what in medicine is called the great toe. Second, you have a common plantar wart. A wart typically needs to be removed by a doctor chemically. You can try over the counter medicines but they do not get the root of the wart and the wart will likely grow back. Try a product that contains Salicylic acid. Best of luck to you.

  9. OK I have a solution that I used and so did my sister. And it worked for both of us. I also wnder if it works with the Banana the same way. Not sure though... I took a potato peel and cut a thin strip of duct tape and taped the peel on the wartfor "I think a day and 1/2 probably a weekend. An that thing I had for years just disappeared and never came back. Potatoes have acids and strychnine(small dose obviously) and I think that is what kills the wart. Hope you got rid of it. OUCH!!!

    1. Looks like I have to try this! Do you take off the potato peel when you bath or go out? I am thinking it will be a chore to leave it as it is when I go to sleep too. Ah!

    2. My son (4) had plantar warts on his feet. We rubbed castor oil on his feet and put socks on. After a couple nights, the seeds came to the surface. Then we minced garlic and covered it with a couple of bandaids for 24hrs. All but one were gone within a week and the last one took one more night of garlic.
      No need for chemicals.

    3. I tried to load before and after pics in the comments, but I can't. I can email them to you if you'd like. Good luck!