Sunday, 28 August 2011

CC's 21st Birthday

13th August was CC's birthday. I felt really pressurised because it's his 21st birthdays and 21st birthdays are suppose to be hits only and no misses yeah? I am thankful that everything turned out well and I don't think there were any misses. Phew!

I got him a scrapbook album which is considered quite thick! Spent months on it and he said he could cry but he's a man so he can't (urmm okay) so time spent on it has not gone to waste :) I also got him an Ed Hardy tee which he did not need to alter as he said he could never own an Ed Hardy Tee because the cutting is too big and altering it would be akin to destroying the design.

Dinner was at Otto Ristorante. CC was kinda shocked when we reached Tajong Pagar because at first, he could not think of any possible eating places I would bring him to except Osvaldo. As we walked into Red Dot, he kind of guessed where we were leading to because he passed by Otto Ristorante before. Thus, there was not much of a surprise element here but dinner was great, accompany was awesome. Service was unpretentious and the dimly lit settings made it romantic (minus off the rather noisy chit chats).

We had the degustation menu because the gourmet menu did not really interest us.

Amuse Bouche (correct me if I'm wrong)? I LOVE THIS!

Wagyu beef carpaccio with mushroom and parmesan cheese salad.
I am definitely not a beef person but I totally wiped the dish clean. The wagyu beef was very well seasoned and I was glad it suited my taste buds (of a non-beef lover).

Seafood soup in light tomato broth
CC hates tomato but he drank every drop of this because he said he could not feel the taste of any tomatoes (which was really weird because I could). The seafood absorbed the flavor of the broth very well so thumbs up for that.

Squid Ink Tagliolini
One of the reasons why CC chose the degustation menu was because he wanted to try squid ink pasta so badly in a fine dining restaurant. They were generous with the amount of prawns. The tagliolini's texture was just right. Nothing was under or overcooked.

Alantic Cod served with sweet Garlic Sauce
I was not won by this dish. I didn't really like the smell and taste of it but I guess it's just me because CC felt that the taste was unique and special. Meh. Then again, personal preferences so I won't say much. I even thought to myself that I should have chosen the other choice which was....

Beef Tenderloin Tagliata
Cooked to a perfect medium rare, this is a clear winner. CC let me try it (ambience was dark and I pretended I could not see how bloody it was) and surprisingly, it tasted good! I wish I could enjoy medium rare beef but I am a little turn off by the rareness of medium rare. I think the furthest I can go is Medium, which is rather a pity since I believe beef is best enjoyed at Medium Rare.

Mini cream puffs with warm chocolate sauce
Passable but tad disappointed. I wish it was tiramisu instead. How could one miss eating Tiramisu in an Italian restaurant?!

Then came the little surprise for CC! It was a little awkward when the server brought it over as (I think) he was expecting me to start singing the birthday song but I didn't. I am too shy geez.

They had a range of choices for coffee and tea and I really like the way they presented the beverages.

Picture of us! (Which you've been long awaiting for HA! Just kidding) That's our sparkling water beside! We never fail to order sparkling water when we're fine dining heehee.

Overall, it was a pleasant experience and I really love the service there. The server offered to take a photo of us without asking and he made sure we were satisfied with the photos taken!



CC's sister and I had a karaoke session (thank goodness the windows were made of plastic [I think]) before the party. After that, we started to decorate the place before the guests reached.






*skips to the cake cutting session*


CC went "O-M-F-G" when he saw the cake and I was really REALLY happy that it was a surprise to him. He said it was the best present ever (before he received the last gift, the album) and I felt really glad I made the right choice. I contemplated a lot before making the final decision, that is, to customize this Hermes cake for him.

It looked more like the real thing in real life! The cake was really huge. Chocolate with oreo fillings yummy!

We bought OBEY tees for each other (without planning) and we wore them out together for the party! Love!

the Chua family. The kids were so hyper!

Sometimes, I really envy CC for having such a close knitted family.

Wendy, CC and his parents

With the guys who stayed back!

Polaroids taken with all the guests! Spot the 2 extras at the bottom right (HA!HA!HA!).

More pictures at FB.

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