Saturday, 27 August 2011

Money can buy happiness

I would like to

buy my own car
be my own boss
swim with the dolphins
go star grazing
sky diving
scuba diving
own a pair of Christian Louboutin
have a walk-in closet
travel around the world
visit other universal studios

and the list goes on!

These are some of the things I would like to accomplish before I die.

Whoever says money can't buy happiness simply don't know what they want. Isn't it?

Everything in this world needs money. Without money, will you be able to survive? If your answer is yes, then please go find someone who can tell you they can live without money in this society and show you how (if you can). People who say money can't make you happy are hypocrites.

Don't be all philanthropic and say you are only interested to help the world to make it a better place and that is priceless happiness that no amount of money can buy. If that's the case, then let me ask you, do you NEED money to do that?

Answer is YES.

You need money to do that to make you happy. If not, how do you feed the starving kids, fly to the 3rd world countries and do charitable work? Sure, that makes you happy but it will not be possible if you have got no money. Even if you are happy at just donating food.etc, you still need money else where do you get the food? FOC? Don't make me laugh (sarcastically) please.

Money CAN buy happiness. Of course, many will argue it is to a certain extent. Yes but I will say, it is to a large extent. This is not being materialistic but realistic. Of course, you can only obtain happiness if you do what makes you happy and not take it for granted. That is why you see so many dramas with rich kids infested with unhappiness because they have too much money.

So yeah, if you agree with me and the next time you hear someone saying, "Noooo it's not true.. Money can't buy happiness. People who say that are so materialistic.", feel free to snort at them.

People are hypocrites in one way of another, unknowingly or knowingly. You, me, everybody.

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