Tuesday, 30 August 2011


CC and I went to the zoo on Monday because there is free entry for August babies in celebration of the National day.

Luckily the weather was not hot that day but rather cooling. I do not have a habit of putting on sunblock so phew! ;) Poor CC was sunburnt during the weekend and today, he is still as red as ever :/

Some pictures we took!

What if the texture of my hair ends up like this after I do something to it like..dye?!

I would faint on the spot if I saw such an enormous real life cockroach -_-

I'm using G10. Very old model hehe ^^ but it's my favourite compact camera!

this was taken with the iPhone. Sometimes the iPhone takes really pixelated pictures which is like worse than my previous 3 megapixels phone? I don't know why...

this is just SO cute that I have to post this up! Especially the smallest baby!!

More pictures at FB.

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