Sunday, 23 October 2011

Fright Fest @ Singapore Flyer

On the 20th October, I was invited to the media preview of Halloween FrightFest at the Singapore Flyer.

Thanks HP again for the invite :)

The award-winning Rainforest at the Singapore Flyer has transformed into an eerie hideout of the scariest! Be sure to have guts before you venture in.

They were playing the funeral song to match up with the atmosphere.


Chinese vampire~~ Jiang Shi. Enter at your own risk!

打小人?! This hunchback granny did her role really well. She was very into it.

As we walked on.. there were a stretch of ancestral tablets.

I was so shocked when I viewed this photo on the laptop. There were so many orbs especially at the black part. Dead scary! I showed Wendy this photo and she told me she saw a face (slightly above and between the first two tablets if you would like to spot it and you can't). Feel free to zoom in (clickable) if you dare. I actually went to enlarge it but the face just disappeared. Well, I will like to think that our eyes are playing tricks on us and I hope the orbs are just particles in the air or something that Science can explain. Don't you think it is kind of creepy?
Oh well, best not to think too much (I already did urgh).

What do you think?

Another chinese vampire walking around. I love watching the old Chinese Vampire shows! They are so freaking funny and entertaining.

I think I will burst out in laughter if I were to dress up like that and walk around to try to scare people -.-

the young girl who is suffering heavy grievance

living dead! Cannot rest in peace.. kept on popping out and suddenly screaming

All the offerings scattered everywhere. There's also a paper car!

Chinese lady ghost!

This lady was stoning there for a long time. Just like the olden movies.. got the mysterious aura~

Hong Peng and the disfigured lady ghost. HP looked a little scared but it seemed like he was trying to hide his smile as he was sitting beside a pretty girl haha

my expression #fail. I was trying to look petrified but it didn't show on the photograph.

The bloody curtains(?). Did a murder took place there?!

Graveyard. The undead trying to climb out of the tombs? Spot the bloody arm.

There's turtles (living) in the pond lol! I thought these props were not convincing enough.

Aaahhh THE RING?!... *needs to condition the hair*

dead child in a pool of blood. She was not wearing any clothes on so I guessed she must have been raped and killed and then dumped into the child's bathtub.

We were told that the trail was not completed yet and it was just a preview!

Check out the youtube video here:


After the trail, we went onboard the Singapore Flyer. It was my second time there. The first time was 3 years ago where many places surrounding the Singapore Flyer were under construction so there were not much to see. This time round, the experience was definitely better.

me with Joanna.

Neon red fiery highlights at the bottom of my hair ;) I wish!


After the 30 minutes ride, we proceeded to the VIP lounge.

Christina and me.
She's such a pro in makeup. I really love her makeup and nails that day! That's the Halloween brew we were holding. I totally love the drink! It's super nice and it comes with the Fright Fest package. Must try!

I felt so underdressed that day and I was carrying a backpack from school -_-

The dress code that day was to dress up your Halloween smartest and there were prizes for the top 3 best dressed Halloween costumes!

First prize.

Wah, at night when I closed my eyes, I could picture them in my mind. The baby is just so CREEPY!!!

Collecting the prize and applauding haha

The vampire (right) was talking to someone so he didn't put on his fangs -.- The dead waitress (on the left) was among the top 3 to win too.

Third prize goes to the Ghost Buster Team. I didn't manage to capture a photograph of them.

Mascular much for a woman LOL


This is the Halloween photo that we get to keep! Creative template.

For more information about Fright Fest, you can check it out here:

Tickets are available for sales for 28/29/30 Oct but the Saturday tickets are sold out already. Purchase yours before the other dates get sold out!

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