Sunday, 30 October 2011

Prepare to Party This Year-end with Citrusox!

I'm sure you have heard about Citrusox! If you haven't, well now you know :)

Check out how I match my citrusox stockings!




With my 2nd pair of DR. MARTENS! Love it!

Just to let you see and compare, one side is with socks + stockings and another without! Both socks and stockings are from citrusox. Depending on your style and preferences, match it the way you like!

Back view of the *kawaii* CUTE stockings:

Spot the 2 ribbons at the back ;)?

I love how the ribbon compliments the entire look and also the criss-cross on top which has an added "oomph" factor to the whole stockings!

The picture taken was my first time pairing that pair of dr martens with the stockings. If you do own Dr Martens, you will know how stiff they are for a brand new pair. Well, I was prepared to have my stockings scratched due to the abrasion of the hard surface but guess what, they were not!

W-O-W factor here (Y)

I'm definitely going to restock my stockings there soon. You pay for what you get :) This is going for $15.90 only. Do you know that it is 40 denier only, yet you get such good quality! Usually, the more sheer the stockings, the more it is prone to scratches right? Well, not the case for this :)

I'm really glad I chose this pair of stockings because they are just so cute! Now you know, citrusox also sells stockings, tights, leggings, besides socks.


Check out this pair of socks I got:

Cute doggie stripe socks

For me, I match a grey top with shorts to go with the grey socks. This is suitable for school if you don't want to go over the top with knee-high socks or fancy stockings.

Another outfit I put together! This time round, I sort of randomly mix and match my outfit. The spiky shoes do look a tad intimidating so I wore the stockings to soften the look.

Another picture

My citrusox style has got to be fun because I mix and match wherever I like it and I do not have any restrictions either ;)


Citrusox has a wide range of products and you'll be spoilt for choice. Don't go for boring colours like black anymore! Get patterned socks and do mix and match. You'll be amazed by the end result :) Sometimes, mixing and matching give you something totally unexpected in a good way. Be surprised!

Do check out their pre-fall collection 2011 and cuddle up with their new range of toe socks, socks and arm socks!

Head down to a citrusox store, explore and find out about your citrusox style now ;)

For more information, proceed to the Citrusox website:

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  1. Hi, great mix, love your Dr Martens. Sure will make my way to citrussox soon. Pls drop for for my story for Halloween.