Thursday, 6 October 2011

Primetime Fall Fashion + quick update!

Collection 66 is launched!



Yesterday was my first time (I think) at the Kallang Theatre. I was invited to watch the Singapura Lion City History & Cultural Musical by Stephen because he had extra tickets!

Some pictures taken from the iPhone

I think you must be able to appreciate musical in order to enjoy any musical!


Prime-Time Fall Fashion at Avalon

Quick update on this! It's my first time to Avalon also hehe ^^ If I'm not wrong, Avalon opened in mid September yeah?

(picture credit to

the models are really hot!!!!!

the outfit ensembles are just so cute

I like the black dress!

Lastly... another picture of us

and another: our outfits!

Leather Chicfon Tunic from MyCanvasBag and my topshop tights!

Anyone knows where to get good quality sheer stockings? Mine ALWAYS get scratched or torn after one use ):


Today we brought Lessie for vaccination. Lessie is a brave boy today! Usually he will whine and appear to be scared when he's taking the injection but today he faced it bravely. My baby has grown up :)

Lessie's pal! Japanese Chin Chin. Who rocks black & white better? Of course is Lessie hehehe love!


left: shocked face? right: winking?! haha!!

Off to watch Running Man! Best variety show ever hehe :3

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