Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Review: Amethystory

Today, I'm going to introduce to you what amethystory is. The name is derived from the gemstone, Amethyst!

As quoted from The Sample Store Blog,

"Amethyst is well known as a natural aid for our body. It produces small, detectable magnetic field & emits beneficial far infrared radiation & negative ions that enhance circulation, promote anti-oxidation & rejuvenate skin cells, all of which are essential to help smoothen & beautify skin.
This purple quartz gemstone, Amethyst, is uniquely incorporated into the latest skincare series from Amethystory which contains real amethyst granules with triple functions: Cell-rejuvenation, anti-oxidation & promotion of micro blood circulation for a healthier and more luminous skin."

Amazing how much it can do isn't it? I thought so too. But what will the product actually do for me? I'm going to find out for myself.

These are the 3 products that I have tried. Read on to find out more!

Mineral Aqua Gel (150ml, $24.90)
Removes dead & dry skin with intense hydration

This is the star product of the entire Amethystory series.

This works like an exfoliator. It also contains hyluronic acid which hydrates our skin as well as bio energy acid nourishes our skin cells and helps balance oil secretion.

Milky gel-like texture

Just pump out the amount you desire and apply it on any parts of your body. You can use it to exfoliate areas such as the heel of your feet, underarm, elbows.etc, anywhere!

For me, I tried it on my face. After pumping out a sufficient amount, I gently massage it around my face.

Here are the dead skin layers on my palm! I just rinse my face with water after use and I do feel that my face has become brighter and smoother after that. Hello to newborn skin!

Mineral Aqua Whitening Enhancer (150ml, $19.90)
This product is used to boost the hydration and whitening of skin and to enhance the penetration of the other skincare products you use for full absorption. This is just like a skin booster!

It contains hyaluronic acid which provides intense hydration and tranexamic acid which helps to fight dark spots and lightens complexion for a radiant glow. Use it regularly for better skin rejuvenation and a fairer, radiant and youthful glow!

Clear liquid

I tried this at night. After cleansing my face, I pumped out a sufficient amount of it onto my palm. Next, I gently pat them onto my face so that it can be absorbed into my skin. My skin has this really refreshing feeling after application. Then I went to bed.

The next morning when I woke up to wash my face, I could really feel that my skin was sufficiently hydrated throughout the night especially since I was sleeping in an air-conditioned room.

I love this product!

Mineral Bubble Face Wash (160ml, $14.90)

This face wash do provide moisture to the skin after use. It is enriched with moisture factors and mineral nutrients to cleanse and remove impurities, dirt and oil from pores.

I really like this as it has hydrating effect and it is really good for me as I have dry skin. Do not worry if you have got sensitive skin, this is gentle enough for daily use.

See how light the foam is! Gently massage your face in circular motion so that you can thoroughly clean your face and to make sure all impurities are removed.

After washing my face, I find that my face feels really hydrated. So far, all of my facial wash products that I have used do not have this "hydrating" after effect. Some of the previous ones even made my skin feel oil-less (which I actually thought it was a good thing) but in fact, it only makes my skin drier. I am not even exaggerating but my skin does feel like it just "drank water" lol!

I do feel that if you have dry skin, I will recommend you to use these products as they are really good at hydrating your skin (for me!). Say bye to dry skin and nicer complexion!

The above products are also in the Amethystory series. They are available at Watsons so do drop by and learn more about the products for yourself.

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