Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Breaking social norms

We were supposed to break social norms as homework for my social psychology class. It was really "fun"! 

Often, we want to fit into society so we don't do things against the norms. How do we define norms exactly since norms differ from country to country and culture to culture?

The first social norm that we broke was to read a magazine upside down in public places. It was really awkward and uncomfortable because people (usually aunties) will be staring at you as if you're crazy. 

The next norm to break is a gender norm. Guys, if you dare, wear lipstick or a skirt out and see how society judges you! In Scotland, men wear skirts and it is perfectly fine. In Singapore, if you're a male and you wear a skirt out, be prepared to see yourself on STOMP. I wore this weird looking mustache (super sticky) and walked from Dhoby Ghaut to Somerset. As expected, there were stares and I could hear people saying, "wah mustache, so PRETTY!" sarcastically. It was really embarrassing and I felt uneasy throughout the process. These reactions were expected because it is socially demanded of females to have no unwanted facial hair i.e. mustache. 

I know my mustache looks extremely fake and out of place because of its colour (the black one is more expensive lol) but imagine if you see a male walking past with the same mustache compared to a female wearing it, who will garner more attention? Obviously the female!

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