Thursday, 3 November 2011

Museum of Horrors


The shoe I wore for that day (:

In the late afternoon, CC and I went for the Samantha Vegas x Ettusais Halloween party. They had 10% discount coupon for Samantha Thavasa but I did not get anything. There was also a coupon for a free cat eye makeover by Ettusais but I did not went for that either. I even jokingly asked CC to go for it and he agreed. He backout in the end though.

Some snacks served during the party.

Ettusais's halloween booth. Treat in the pumpkin holder!

The goodie bag received :)

We had a polaroid taken.

We had Coco Ichibanya for dinner. I had the pork cutlet with cheese curry rice. They were really generous with the cheese and I think it makes a good combination for cheese + curry lovers.

After dinner, we went to the flea market at Scape and CC finally got his beads (and is very extremely protective of it).

In Cineleisure, there was this bunch of people in Halloween costumes giving out this Scream Stopper.

Anyone tried or seen this before? I think it's really cute lol. I haven't tried it yet. I wonder how it will work :/ No, we did not use it conveniently for museum of horrors haha.

After that, we proceeded to Scape Auditorium for Museum of Horrors.

Thank you Jaslyn for the tickets!

CC's facial expression looked comical here *_*

In hell.

Revengeful ghost, CC on death row and Bao Jin Tian~

Bloody Cannibal kitchen! This is one of my favourite picture hehe. That CC so evil, trying to pour chemicals onto my severed head. The different severed body parts and guts are all placed on the table. Eeeeew!

Cracked walls with leaking blood

Giant cockroach with the bugs scattering everywhere on the table, yet I am looking so happy and even holding one of them!

CC, a sadistic investigator smiling while examining the body -___-

Bloody scene. Bloody splattered almost everywhere!

CHUCKY, the killer doll! Have you watched any Chucky movies before? It was one of my childhood movies (thinking back, I am amazed by my courage!). I remembered I was a "fan" of Chucky. I caught every show and I even watched it a few times on dvd. I was scared but I just wanted to watch it. If I am not wrong, Chucky had a pregnant girlfriend and she gave birth right?

This guy was sitting down there like a statue and suddenly he jumped up, charged forward to the people around him and screamed. Many people jumped! I was not a victim of his screams *phew*

There was someone who totally screamed into my ears so I decided to play along and calmly said, "ah!" before literally giving him a jump. Pun intended.

sadistic picture. Calm and collected and meddling around with the already severed hand...

The monster baby looking right back at CC!

yeah ROCK!

I can't stop smiling! I don't find it appropriate for me to act like I'm scared because they're not scary at all -_- If you see my other pictures on FB, those pictures where I tried to look scared, they were a total fail -.-

Creepy looking dolls.

Disecting the body as his assistant -.-Spot those palm prints on the wall? I bet those belonged to the victims.. So sadistic urgh!

There was this fun house too. It was a 3D experience and an eye-opener! They had transformed the stage into a trail where we walked through from one end to the other. We wore these 3D glasses throughout and there were people scaring us by screaming and suddenly appearing as soon as we walked around the corners. Scream-factor always works, not because it's scary but because the voice is so loud and deafening that we could not help but be taken aback. Fortunately, CC was always in front of me so he was the one who got scared and jumped up!

I would love to go to USS Halloween next year (:

CC and me


Lastly a "scary" picture of me because my friends thought so!

More pictures at FB :)

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