Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Singapore Kindness Movement Campaign 2011

A Gracious Singapore, one kind act at a time!

On the 13th November, I was invited to participate in the Singapore Kindness Movement Campaign 2011. This event is part of promoting the World Kindness Day 2011. 

With appreciation, kindness blossoms
Even a simple gesture of Thank You can make someone's day so start thanking people who have helped you with something in your daily lives!

After changing into the tee-shirt provided, we gathered and waited for the media briefing to start.

Dr William Wan, the General Secretary of Singapore Kindness Movement giving us the briefing~

the G+ bloggers 

After the briefing, we proceeded outside and I was awed by the scene. 500 volunteers all slowing gathering in front of the stage. All united as one :)

and Daniel Ong appeared! He was the host of this event and he also claimed that he was the kindest host haha! 

Volunteers held up their yellow gerbera daisies while the media and reporters were snapping photos away.

fresh gerbera daisies! 

30,000 daisies were given out to the public on that day. Really cool! Were you there to receive one?

Minister Ibrahim, the Minister for Information, Communications, was there as the Guest-of-Honour too. It's so awesome that the minister is personally coming down to support the event :) He's also the Arts & Adviser to SKM.

Daniel Ong announcing the arrival of the minister..!

picture credit to Nuffnang
on the stage with the Guest-of-Honour!

check out the crowd! 

It's so heartening to know that people are willing to sacrifice some of their personal time for an event like this. 

about to water the 'flower' and watch it bloom!

picture credit to Nuffnang
It's BLOOMINGGGG! *claps*

Now, it's time to set off volunteers!! Everyone's in a happy mood to give :)

The Singa Lion mascot was there too!! 

Singa Lion with 2 cute kids~

Me & the Singa Lion! I love taking pictures with mascots!! 

self-shots with the gerbera daisies ^^

left: with Jaslyn ; right: with Stephen

We walked from Ion Orchard down to Mandarin Gallery and we went to other places such as the stretch out side Heeren, Paragon and Knightsbridge to give out these daisies to strangers. It feels really good to give without expecting any returns. 

Often, we are too caught up with  expecting to receive only that we never really thought of giving because we thought we would be happier that way. That's not always the case!

the goodie bag that we took home. Popeye's one of the sponsors.

It's never too late to be courteous and gracious. Make it a habit!

Head down to and share your message on the website. Spread the kindness people! For every message, the daisy will bloom in whichever area you live in. The more messages, the bigger the daisy will be. The aim is to fill the whole of Singapore with daisies! 

I kop a daisy back for my family hehe. 

I read that you can place flowers in the fridge for a day to make it last longer. I am not sure if it's true or not, but I did it anyway ;)