Thursday, 29 December 2011

Contact lenses/Makeup - Before & After

This is a post of before and after pictures of me with my contact lenses and makeup. Cosmetic lenses and makeup can really change your looks so much! 

First up!

Geo Black (14mm)

I have been wearing this for years. After the first wear, I became addicted to it and I could not stop wearing it -.- Circle lenses can indeed make a significant difference to your looks.

I stock up lots of black in the past because it makes my eyes look more natural than the other colours.  But obviously, it is still noticeable to other people that it is circle lenses. 

another picture! The pictures are unpublished shots of the Hada Labo Review post which I did in November, that's why I was holding the Hada Labo product!

Bambi Green (16mm)

When I first wore this, I was really not used to it because the lens I've always been wearing is 14mm and this is really huge for my eyes. I felt that I looked like a bug and I kind of regretted. After a few wears, I got used to it and I am loving the green so much. 

this is my first time trying on green lenses too.

For those of you who have not tried colour lenses before, let me tell you this.. once you try it on, THERE IS NO TURNING BACK. You will feel that you look so cui without coloured/magic lenses. That is what happened to me T.T Whenever I wear spectacles or coloured lenses, I will convince myself of the spotlight effect.

Well, the spotlight effect states that you believe everyone is noticing about your appearance.etc but actually, everyone else is also busy bothering about their own appearances. In fact, no one notices you as much as you think! This is really very true.

So people, whenever you feel insecure or have low confidence about your looks because you think that people will look at you and go EEEW, think about the spotlight effect! 

Now for the *coughs* natural *ahem* beauty part..

without lenses:
wtf why my iris so small?!

I looked so different - no makeup, no lenses. 
This is one of the few pictures I've got without lenses. The reason why I take such photos (e.g. the clear sponsored review) is because I am too lazy to wear my lenses just to take nice photos! -,-

Just putting on the lenses can make such a mega huge difference!! 

Those who said that natural beauty is best are obviously bullshitting. If that is the case, the cosmetic industry would not be so profitable already. Make-up artists will be out of job. Brides do not need to put on any makeup.etc 

I have no makeup on for all the pictures except the picture with green lenses where I smacked some lip gloss on. Makeup DOES wonders! Even a simple thing like lipgloss can make you look better yes. I don't know if it is a blessing or a curse to not know how to put on foundation and other makeup other than eyeliner and lipstick/lipgloss. I feel that if I put foundation, my face will be in gross patches and when I sweat, I will look like a wreck. That aside, I believe that foundation is not good for the skin because the skin can't breathe. Correct me if I am wrong. 

Due to my noob skills, I always have this boring look as I only put on winged eyeliner everytime I wear makeup. Plus, being lazy is another factor why I don't put make-up at times. I have tried putting on eyeshadow before but it just looked really wrong in pictures. Think o p e r a.

With makeup: 

scroll up to see the picture without lenses/makeup (omg) & make a quick comparison. 

with eyeliner + falsies (sticked on with help)

If only I have a personal helper who can help me to apply falsies! I have tried several times to no avail and I have no idea why!! This may actually be a good thing because it saves me lots of money!

with eyeliner

Yes people, looks are INDEED deceiving. Never judge a book by its cover. These days, it is so hard to find someone who is good-looking by nature. Ah, good genes.

Edit: My mistake! Bambi is 15mm (OMG) and I already look like I have 'bug eyes'. Why do 18-20mm lenses even exist? I seriously can't imagine a typical asian wearing it -gasp-


  1. When you have contacts, you eyes look more like can "dian" ppl like that.. haha, but honestly, i think you don't look that much different without contacts also la, eyes still quite big.

  2. I always wanted to try Bambi lens , but it'll look big on my eyes :(

    Have a nice day

  3. y.Ho, ¨†¨ ケイラ·KAERAHLrykaLenr//: I looked lifeless without those lenses and just lenses alone can change my look so much! (Y)

    Li Ting: It looked really big on my eyes too but it sure is worth a try :)

  4. You look good with or without makeup and with or without contact lens, too! :D

  5. me too T_______________________T
    and i do agree about the spotlight effect but im already so lazy, so the spotlight effect made me even lazier ahahahahahahhahahaa!

  6. yeap. I love coloured contact lens too. But seldom make up coz scare spoil my skin. haha! nice sharing btw. :-) drop by my site when free.


  7. You’re so cute in those geo-black colored lens. What inspired you to wear such a thing? But all in all, you look pretty with those different contacts.

  8. Thank you. These cosmetic lens can enhance one's looks so much and they are popular everywhere especially with Asians. I'm definitely going to experiment with more contact lens!

  9. Don't beat yourself up, you look almost the same without lens in your eye. you are very pretty and your skin is super clear.How do you keep your skin clear and how do you keep the whites of your eyes so bright and ... white? please reply to me! :3 ->