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Hong Kong + Shen Zhen Study Trip

This is an extremely outdated post but I'm still going to blog so that I will not forget about this in the future! I can't remember every single detail of it and I know that I totally should have blogged about this way before! Now, I make it a point to blog about my life so that I can look back at those memories and :)

I went to Hong Kong + Shenzhen for a 8 day study trip back in June. I was extremely excited because this was my first time in 11 years to go overseas. I have not been overseas (not even Malaysia) for such a long time.

Day 1

meal on board the plane

I was so glad that I did not experience any motion sickness. When I was young, whenever I was in a coach or on a plane, I will feel like shit because of the terrible motion sickness. 


I was in HK for 3 days, 2 nights.

Ladies Market:
so much food and all looked so delicious! I had this sore throat (so unlucky) but I still went ahead to eat those fried foods. I will not be daunted by the damn sore throat!! 

Curry fishballs!!
I always see this in hongkong dramas so I definitely have to try this. It did not really taste like fishballs though :/ Very spicy! Some time after I went back to Singapore, I was so happy that West Mall had a food fair and they sold these ^^ 

This is a tourist hotspot so the things aren't really cheap. A pair of sunglasses cost $10. There were lots of brand imitations. For example, you can get a fake CDG shirt for $30.

We went to Victoria Peak at night.

One of the shops near Victoria's Peak. Really sweet shop!
We did not go up there though. It was rather chilling and breezy the higher we went.

The Peak Tower - for buying tickets to go up further

outside the mall near the peak tower


Day 2

Dim Sum for breakfast
There were so much food that we were unable to finish. I love the porridge and the har gow best!

the prawns were really huge! Siew mais were yummy too.


went to Avenue of Stars
 famous stars had their handprints imprinted on the floors. Cool huh?

acting in progress~

watch out! Bruce Lee behind us!
I really hate it when my camera has a blurred spot on the lens (happens all the time and I failed to notice it when I was taking pictures) and sometimes the picture will be ruined.

Maggie Cheung! 

photo of Jackie Chan

walking further up...

Went to this temple too..

We were all so hot and to add on to the crazy heat, we were wearing jeans.

We were given some time to explore the temple but we were idling around because there wasn't much to do at the temple anyway.

everyone took photo of the duck's head! Saddistic.. The duck meat seemed very hard to bite.. there was this "stringy' texture.. like the muscle tendons cannot break like that -.-

Didn't expect so much food to be served!

If I remembered correctly, we went to Disneyland after lunch.
There was a change of plan in the itinerary so it was rather impromptu. We were not in the attire we had planned to wear there. Jeans in hot weather = no-no. 

I was SO freaking excited to enter disneyland! It's like a dream come true!


Posing with the ticket :3

it is a long walk in! 

finally in, at the entrance :) 

the animation house I think. They show you how they sketch out the characters.etc. So damn cool.

we stayed at the souvenir shops for a very long time because everything was so pretty and we had a hard time deciding how we should spend our limited money. We were spoilt for choice!

everyone sitting by the pavement waiting for the parade. we did not manage to catch the parade though.

castle is so pretty!! Dreamy~~

Tomorrow Land

one of the rides..

very fun :)

wrong arm for me & sherry -,-

spaceship ride!

I was the one controlling the height and the girls were shocked when I suddenly elevated it ._. The higher the more fun but they seemed to disagree.

the most thrilling ride there. massive queue! Thankfully, they got persuaded into taking this ride :)
This is an indoor roller coaster. SO FUN OMFG!! 

super unglam but I'm still posting this up because IT IS SO FUNNY. I was rather scared at first but when I was on the ride, it was so so so so so fun I could not stop beaming with happiness. The woman in front was sitting with her son (too short can't see -.-) and the man beside me is her husband. Just look at how calm their faces were! I was smiling when the camera flashed at us - caught off guard lolol 

I wanted to sit this again but the girls were too scared aah!

watched a musical after that. whole theatre was flooded with people and some even had to stand because of the lack of seats.

The Golden Mickeys :)

Love Beauty's dress. So pretty!!

It was a splendid show put up by the several performers. Good job!

tea cup ride after. I was so dizzy after that. My body is getting too old for such rides.

Didn't get to experience this because the waiting time is 30 minutes. We had limited time ):

with Rapunzel

our loots all separated into 3 bags. There were more but we left it at the lockers ._. 

another souvenir shop! We are suckers for disneyland stuffs.

as evening approached, we were getting hungry so we went to this little cafe

We shared this overpriced mickey waffle together. It cost about $8. Really expensive!

went inside this crystal shop. The stuffs sold there are really expensive. One artist in the midst of a creation. Coolness.

soon, it was dark already.
the night view of the castle/palace(?). SO GORGEOUS.

There were still quite a number of places we did not go to (and I thought we went already ): What a pity!) so when we saw this, we quickly went in to take the ride.

all the lights made everything so dreamy.. 

kiddy ride.. rather empty because it's late already

children rhythms were played and the things surrounding us were moving too. If I was a kid, I would be really excited about this.


at this bakery with really nice bread and pastries! The smell is so goooood.

taking more pictures while waiting for the fireworks.

yeah, finally it's coming !!

my lousy camera can't take good shots of fireworks but I managed to capture a video of the fireworks :D

We had to go back to the lockers to collect the rest of our loots and we were already late for the meeting time so we ran and sweated like crazy. When we got on the bus, the people who saw the amount of plastic bags we were carrying went like WOAHH~~! We had about 5-6 hours at Disneyland but it's not enough!

Sweaty + tired + famished for a really late dinner after the disneyland trip. 

our loots from disneyland!!! That was not all btw!


3rd day of hongkong

we went on a speed boat (about $5)

luxury yacht and other yachts parked 

The housing estates in hongkong look so cramp side by side. All the buildings are so close together.


Went to Tsim Sha Tsui at night for marketing research (shopping in disguise)

dan zai eggette. Love!!

could not resist a cup of BBT ;)

Banners were everywhere! I think this was my first time going to streets like this ._. 

Anw, I heard that there was H&M there but I failed to find it T.T 

After some shopping, we took the train back to our panda hotel with other friends. We had a lights out time so we had to reach the hotel back by a specific time. We made it back just in time *phew*

managed to capture an exterior picture of panda hotel


Day 4: HK/SZ

Next morning, we took coach to Shen Zhen.

Had to fill in this form. So foreigners are referred to as aliens. China, you serious?

So far, this sounds like a leisure trip right? We did went to companies too, just that I did not take any photos and I can't remember ._.

In Shenzhen. Wearing our blazers!

next, we went to...

fish farm

for a talk

 Very magnificent! Clubhouse, tons of facilities (for both humans and pets). Luxurious man!


on our way to dinner, we passed by this shopping mall.. All the luxury brands. The LV building looks so nice!

We had dinner at a Japanese restaurant. This is supposed to be the largest Jap restaurant in Asia. I absolutely love the ambience. We had one whole room to ourselves :)

some dishes that we had:

assorted sushi

beef with crackers.

sweet potato tempura

rice noodle roll with unagi (Y)


saba fish

ultra big watermelon as desserts

we took turns to carry it like it's very light (okay it is light)


Day 5

Unlike Singapore, the roads in SZ has so many lanes! The bus even did U-turns #likeaboss.

here we are! SZ Museum.

here we are! 

The wax figurines and decos all look so real. I felt like I was in another era.

everything looks so real.

They can pass off easily as real people.

Headed to Dong Men after that.

Unfortunately, we had very little time there only so they gave us 2 options - stay at Dong Men and forgo the dinner provided or leave Dong Men to have dinner.

We went to have dinner!

We only filled half of the table so we had a lot of food to ourselves! One of the best dinners during our stay there! Food was good.

Say HELLO to the mega huge bear that I got from Dong Men! Around $30 only!!


Day 6


After lunch, we went to SZ polytechnic .

Love this mango slushie from NICC. NICC is started up by this young entrepreneur from SZ Poly. The snacks by NICC tasted good too. I am missing it right now T.T

Dinner at this really ulu restaurant. I wonder why they always serve dried prawns at almost every meal :S


Day 7

the 2nd last day: Last dinner with the new friends we made at the Poly ^^

The next day, we had lunch at the same restaurant. Almost same dishes too lol.

After dinner, we hurried off to Dong Men to shop again. There was this one day where we went to Dong Men for about half an hour (took cab there) just to shop!! The teachers told us that they trusted us and they would not give us any strict curfew that night so we all chionged there. It was rather late so the shops were closing already ):

my fix of BBT! 

we packed KFC back to our hotel for supper. Prawn patty burger and chicken nuggets. WHAT? They were rather cheap too and not available in Singapore.


Day 8

Last day:
we left in 2 groups. The earlier group left for Singapore in the morning while we went back in the afternoon. We headed to the nearby supermarket to stock up on Pejoys. Love!

the later group

It was a tiring journey taking the coach back to hongkong and then to the airport. We were lucky that we had time to do some shopping at the airport. Everyone was buying lao po bing back. The earlier group almost missed their flight! 

By the time I reached Singapore, it was midnight already. When the plane landed in Singapore, we were all busy trying to get internet connection - internet-deprived for days!


Some of my loots! The thumbdrives were gotten from Dong Men Ding. So cute!! 

Now I'm missing disneyland and Dong Men so badly!! I definitely must go back again! I'm so glad I went for this study trip :)



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