Monday, 26 December 2011

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas people! Ho ho ho!

This Christmas, CC and I went to a cozy little restaurant situated at Bukit Timah for our xmas dinner. It is a tradition for us to have a Christmas dinner together every year :)

Table @ Pip's. 

We went on the 23rd as it was the only night the christmas carolers will come in, plus it is not exactly wise to fight for a parking lot or squeeze with the crowd on Christmas day itself. 


We had the christmas special 5-course dinner set. There was no GST so that saved us a bit of $.

First up..!

Avocado Crabmeat Salad 
This is a mixture of diced avocado, crabmeat and garden green tossed with lime mustard dressing. It is a rather refreshing appetizer that will whet your appetite.

Crocodile Consomme 
 This is my second time trying crocodile soup. This clear rich crocodile broth is garnished with quenelle of foie gras and pistachio but I could barely taste the quenelle. That aside, this is still good stuff!

Lime Sorbet
Because of the rather strong taste of the crocodile broth, this lime sorbet is to freshen your palate. 
CC agreed that the presentation of this is very creative. How often do you see dry ice as part of a dish presentation? 

For the main course, we can choose either Beef Wellington, Roast Turkey or Honey Baked Ham.

Roast Turkey with Stuffing
I chose the Turkey because I am not a fan of beef and ham seems a tad too ordinary. The turkey meat is tender and it goes well with the cranberry sauce. This dish, however, did not win me over.

Beef Wellington
beef tenderloin rolled with puff pastry served with mushroom, bacon and chicken liver~ Ah! Brillant. I should have taken a picture of how it looked like inside. I like this even though I am not a beef lover. CC let me try the meat near the outer part with the pastry which was more cooked. It was really juicy and good. The middle part looked too raw for me and I was turned off by its looks even though I believe genuinely that it would taste really good. Too bad for me.

Chocolate Lava Cake
As a chocolate lover, I absolutely love the chocolate lava. Warm chocolate and it just tasted so good!

rasin cake. dislike raisins so this is a no-no for me

I am a sucker for chocolate lava cakes. Now you know how to bribe me hehehehe :P


Anyway, I am down with sore throat and flu on Christmas day. How lucky? 

I had dinner with my family at New York New York.

my lovely parents

My dad has parallel eyelids, deep brow bone with eyes more "sunken" in like those caucasians, and my mum has eyes that are larger than the average asian eyes. I wonder why I did not inherit any of these genes -insert sad troll face-

Duper sinful. Just look at the amount of fried foods. 

My sore throat is so going to worsen and I totally deserve it. As I am typing this now, it is hurting crazily. I even drank BBT just now.

We bought this log cake too.

This definitely has to wait till my sore throat gets better. That is, if there is any left. *hopefully*

So how did you spend your Christmas Day? ;) 

I am sure Christmas Day is not just a day for Christians to celebrate Jesus's birthday, but rather a festive of giving with goodwill. It also creates an opportunity to bring families and friends together for a meal or celebration. The exchanges of gifts are interesting and fun too!

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