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Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards 2011 (Part 2)

Have you read about the Nuffnang Asia-Pacific Blog Awards Part 1? If you have not, read it here!

Read more about NAPBAS day 2 and day 3 in this blog post :)


Day #2

We had really little sleep (about 4 hours) but we still dragged ourselves out of bed for the Hotel's buffet breakfast. 

The buffet had a large variety of food to choose from. I wish my stomach had the space to accomodate everything! The egg section had the most queue. Always. You can have your eggs done in omelette style, scrambled,etc we were so spoilt for choice.

my breakfast! The beef bacon not bad ^^

the fountain outside the hotel

We had very little time to eat so we rushed through our food as the coach for the tour would be leaving at 10.00 a.m. 


Discovering Malaysia Part I!

first stop. I can't remember where this is. my bad.

Next, we went to..

Tugu Negara - Malaysian National Monument

As we walked further in...

beautiful sight!

group photo taken with other bloggers

the sculpture is really huge!

After this, we had a mini break nearby and some of us bought ice-cream from the provision shop. We headed off to KLCC after!

KLCC is right in the middle of the twin tower. It houses quite a number of luxury and high-street brands.

 I was surprised that Zouk is somewhere near the twin tower.

I heard from the tour guide that you'd need to queue up as early as 3 a.m to get tickets up there. Whoa!! Bloggers, lets go there together someday haha :P

The view at the top must be really breathtaking and spectacular.

The bloggers were told to gather at 2.00 p.m outside the mall if they want to carry on with Discovering Malaysia Part II (going to the national mosque), however I don't think anyone went ahead with it -.-

Had lunch with Xue Ling and Jaslyn at this casual dining restaurant called Ben's.

The food's reasonably priced and relatively affordable.

my Pad Thai Seafood Linguine

Jaslyn's Wild Mushroom Spaghettini

XL's Mushroom Lasagne which Jaslyn fell in love with lol!

On the table, there were of such cards as the one below. Table topics, recipes.etc It was really cool!

So we took one out:

Jaslyn asked us this question and I said, "No lie." hahaha!

After our meal, we joined the other nuffies and made our way by foot to the Sungai district. If I'm not wrong, we went to Sungai Wang. The shopping mall reminded me a lot of Singapore's Bugis Village. The clothes, the pricing.etc were all very similar to that of Bugis Village.

grabbed from XL's fb

Funny thing was, the 3 of us bought a lot of food instead of clothes. We were lugging bags of food like aunties. As quoted by Jaslyn, I'm "sitting on air" LOL!

I was really sitting in a relaxed pose (even crossing my legs =.=) hahaha. Check out our bubble teas on the floor! I was desperately finding bubble tea shops but I was not able to find so I ended up purchasing  this ying yong bubble tea from this taiwan cafe. I did not really like it. Guess what? When we headed down to the basement, I spotted at least 2 bubble tea shops. Major regret!!! The BBTs looked really yummy. What a waste ):

got this really cute Hello Kitty slippers for Wendy. So cute right? I should have gotten a pair for myself too!

We bought these pens too and were choosing them like tourists LOL! XL bought 9 and I got 6 only!


When it was near evening, we made our way to Pavilion for dinner.

Very crowded! I reckoned everyone's doing their last minute Christmas shopping?

It's quite an atas mall, again, all the luxury brands everywhere... There were supposed to be dinner vouchers at Food Republic (atas food court okay!) for us however it took a really long time for them to deliver it so we gave up and went ahead without it. Initially, we wanted to eat at the tokyo street upstairs however there was not much time left. In the end, dinner time was extended by 45 minutes and we ended up eating at Food Republic.


After dinner at 9+ p.m.,  we headed to G-Tower for some drinks.

entrance of the building

We made our way up to the 29th floor. Apparently, the age limit is 21 but we managed to go in *phew* Only at times like these do I feel young :')

Spiral of wine bottles~ Cool

beautiful night lights

check out the amount of beers we ordered! And also, you can see Isaac with his twist at the corner of the picture. I think that is his favourite pose!

grabbed from Jaslyn's FB
group photo

the nuffies posing for photos in the coach

Thank goodness the bus came early to fetch us back to the hotel at 11+ p.m.

I was freaking out because my eyes looked extremely bloodshot ever since 8+p.m. I thought the blood vessels in my eyeballs were going to burst and I was going to cry blood. Unfortunately, the redness persisted till the next morning and I was too scared to put on my contacts so I wore my glasses.

This trip is indeed an *eye-opener* because everyone has seen me in all my "stages"
1) with make-up
2) without make-up with specs
3) without make-up without specs

Looking back at the NAPBAS photos, I was horrified to see how different I looked like with and without specs, with and without make-up -.- 

After reaching the hotel, I rushed up to my room (so thankful it is near the lift!) to take out my contact lens. I had a bath in the bathtub after that. The bubble bath attempt failed. I am lost at how to create bubble baths and foams ): 

After our baths, we laid on the bed and watched Confessions of a Shopaholic together. At about 2.00 a.m after the movie ended, we headed down to the main lobby to take advantage of the free public wi-fi. We spotted HP downstairs with the same intention LOL! We updated our twitter and checked our social media before heading back to the hotel room to rest for the night.


Day #3

We had breakfast at the hotel and then went back to our rooms to pack up for checkout at 12 p.m. XL took a boiled egg from the breakfast buffet for me to rub on my forehead bruise. The egg was so hot that we dropped it on our way up and it cracked. I always wondered if the egg would really turn black after rubbing on a bruise, but it didn't!

grabbed from XL's fb

Group photo of the bloggers before we left the hotel!

beautifully lit up Christmas tree

loving the hotel's interior as well as exterior! I will love to go back again if I have the chance.

the tibits that I bought back home! Actually it's not a lot right? 

Overall, I really enjoyed the NAPBAS trip and I definitely can't wait for the next one which will be happening 2 years later! It was great to see familiar faces again and also make new friends. This is what I love about blogging!

Thank you Nuffnang again for giving me this opportunity to attend the NAPBAS. I'm looking forward to future events with G+! :)

Oh ya, today's 24th Dec so MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE to all of you! :D

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  1. the firstone is istana negara. the king's palace. :D

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