Tuesday, 10 January 2012

1st entry of 2012

This January and February will be busy months for me because I'm in my final year of Poly. I'm so caught up with projects and assignments so I am updating this little space now only. Time passes so fast. I still remember the day when I collected my O'level results, I was shedding tears of joy because my results were really unexpected. Now, I'm in year 3 already whoa!

This year, I will be entering the 20-ish phase of my life. So scary! I'm entering adulthood soon and yet, I am still unsure of my future goals and all. 2 months later and I will be graduating.. I really need to start thinking already!

That aside, I am addicted to 9gag. WHO ELSE AGREES? 9gag is now my daily source of entertainment :) Go download 9gagReader on mobile if you have not! This app is so great to kill time when you're in the bus, chilling, slacking..whatever. I love all the memes. So adorable hehe!


When I'm free, I'm probably going to do a before & after photoshop post! I'm no expert on photoshop but I enjoy the editing because it is fun and you can put your creativity to use :D

I think I over-edit this picture already. 

I hope I can dye my hair soon!

Goodbye X

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  1. omg that's super fast! wow u just need 3years and then graduate ad?
    i need 4 years for foundation and degree =..=
    and i will only be graduating this october becoz i went to korea =x

    yes 9gag!!! XDDDD i love how when they are loading there are those memes XD

    btw that photo is nais!