Friday, 24 February 2012

Dye Job

I dyed my hair a few weeks ago! These were the before pictures. My first dye was back in December 2011 by a trainee at Toni & Guy. It was a disaster. The dye was left for 5 minutes only lol. It was quite uneven and a rather bad job. Just 2 months and it looked like crap already (see the back view picture).


Wendy and I bought this cheap deal at Groupon. New Station had this deal at $28 so we went to the Clementi's outlet. We thought that there's no harm trying since it is only $28. Despite reading the bad reviews, I went ahead with it. Hair was ALL over the place - chair, table, floor.etc You name it, there's hair. As I was wearing a knit top on the day, a lot of hair got stuck onto my top (damn gross!). I am very particular about cleanliness so I was really grossed out by other people's hair all over me. It was quite a bad experience but then again, $28, what can you expect? 

I wanted a lighter brown but the stylist only gave me a few choices because apparently, "the other colours will be ugly and not turn out well.". Fine that. In the end, I settled for boring dark brown. I felt that he did not do a good job during the dyeing process but for the price of $28, I cannot complain much also. The original price was $90++ which I felt was rather ridiculous. 

Verdict: I will never patronise there again. If you want a good dye job, it is still best to go to renown salons like Jean Yip, Toni & Guy, Essensuals.etc. I believe you will get what you pay for :)


I have unofficially ended Poly on 23rd Feb where I had my last exam. It feels so surreal that I have finally completed Polytechnic education. I am still at the stage where I am trying to figure out what I really want. Everything is happening too fast. I am fast approaching my twenties and am still in the state of self-denial ._. Treasure your school days well! School is a place where you will feel young.

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  1. Most of the time I find that I will end up with what the hair stylist recommend which is always not my personal choice. Very disappointing if you have already visualise in your mind days and days before what you wanted but turned out differently. Pls do read about my..along came a gentleman..for the fun of it, thks:)