Monday, 13 February 2012

Feecha app

Introducing you this new app "Feecha" which is available at the app store for users of iphones!

Read on to find out more!




What is Feecha?

According to Feecha, Feecha is a geo-blogging app that puts your posts on a map for people around you to discover. You can also follow friends to keep them close even when apart. Feecha also lets you know which places are more interesting. 

allow location in order to start posting and also check out what others have posted around you

With Feecha, you can learn more about a location as well as meet the people in it ;) Posts about a particular location are pinned to a map for others to discover and interact. Stand a chance to win $8888 when you download Feecha so start posting away now!

You can follow anyone who shares the same interests with you. Fill your Feecha with anything that interests you!

the colour of the Feecha is the indication of its health. 
Red - very healthy (good sign!)
Blue - very unhealthy ):

The largest feecha, i.e. the most popular, by Feb 18 will win $8,888. The way to win is to share the feecha with as many people as possible. The cash prize of $8888 is already a sufficient reason for you to get Feecha!

Here is a feecha I created.

Tap on the heart icon to like. Get your friends.etc to like. The more popular it is, the bigger the feecha (monster-looking) will be! Users can also comment as well as connect your feecha to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. 

Keep track of the leaderboard at  

What makes Feecha different from others?

The location aspect is what makes it different. Users can post interesting finds or events in a particular location so that others around the vicinity can see it and check it out themselves. These posts are represented by feechas, which look like a monster with many eyes. 

"Feecha will make people feel connected to their location and to each other in completely new, unprecedented ways; making your location and the people around you more interesting than you thought." , said Jeffrey Yuwono, founder and CEO of The Ching Chong Group

Use Feecha to kill your boredom!

If you're queuing up at a restaurant for dinner (crazy long queue everywhere!), you can use Feecha to see what others have blogged about in that area. Perhaps there is an awesome eatery nearby waiting for you to discover. Jump into conversations with people in that locality as well ;) 

Thinking of where you should go next but don't have any ideas? Open up Feecha!

Tomorrow's Valentine's day and you have no idea where to eat? Search around the area you're in and see if anyone posted any interesting dining places or fun places they have discovered. 

You can also use feecha to follow interests. For example, follow a tag "desserts". everytime someone posts something with the desserts tag at the same area as you, you will be notified.

Follow others as you would in Twitter and see what they see as they post about interesting happenings in Singapore.

Start posting and be active on Feecha to build up your reputation!

Search and follow me @rachelays on Feecha, so every time I find a shopping bargain you can know about it too! :P Good things must share!

Now where to download Feecha?
Feecha just recently launched, is in beta and available free in Singapore only for iPhone; it will launch globally in April. Download from iTunes here: or simply search in the app store, "Feecha" and install it whoop!


  1. I actually got this. Kinda boring. Not many people used it around Clementi. Lol.

  2. Town area is def more popular :)

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