Sunday, 26 February 2012

road to love

Okay, the title (which has something to do with Lady Gaga) is really random because this is an extremely random post with random pictures. I am so so thankful that Lady Gaga is holding a 2 day tour here in Singapore. It is my dream to see her live and I will pay any price to see her. Has anyone gotten the tickets or is planning to get them? When I couldn't get the AMEX presales tickets, I cried so bad and literally felt like my heart broke. It was that bad and I was quite shocked at my reaction. I really hope I can get the tickets tomorrow because it will mean so much to me. I have never loved anyone the way I love her before. I remembered the first concert that I went to was Angela Zhang's. I was a really huge fan of hers but I didn't love her as crazy as I love Gaga. I guess partially it's because Lady Gaga has a huge influence in my life. She is flawless. She is my queen.