Thursday, 15 March 2012


I bleached my hair at Toni & Guy yesterday! I did highlighting as recommended by the stylist to minimize damage to the hair.

my date, Xueling ;)

in process... Just highlighting the surface of the hair.

(old: with flash and natural lightings)
My previous shade was dark brown and I wanted to go for a lighter shade of brown.

(old) colour not really obvious here; taken indoors

done! I wasn't looking for a golden brown but it looks a little golden here. I think it's because of the lightings.

end job.

highlights can be seen clearly in the above photos; colour is more true in these 2 photos

Which colour do you think suits me better?


  1. Woah~ Your back view totally look like a wig.. =X

  2. This comment sounds negative but I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you :)

  3. I like your new highlights, itchy wanna highlight as well :D

  4. Nice nice! I wanna dye my hair red too! - J