Friday, 9 March 2012

Born This Way

Lessie didn't have a good sleep because of the thunderstorm at dawn. Poor mutt! As I'm typing out this blog post, he is resting on my bed :') and he is now scratching himself now hehe so adorable ^^

I sold my 29th May tickets for the 28th May ones because I was afraid Lady Gaga would be too overwhelmed and tired for the 2nd date LOL. Okay that was just an excuse because I can't wait to see her! I guess the Monday ticket holders will be more gan chiong to queue up since it's a Sunday before that yikes! I hope I can secure a good spot in Pen A and hopefully no pushing and trampling of feet. I should probably wear my spikey flats huh?

This is my first blu-ray purchase - The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden! I can't believe I am going to see her live in May. I'm too excited!

I finally got my invite after 2.5 months of waiting. Happy me :)

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