Friday, 30 March 2012

Grand Cruise Bloggers' Night Out‏

I've never been on a yacht before and thanks to Nuffnang, I just checked something off my bucket list woohoo! I was so glad to have the chance to attend the Grand Cruise Bloggers' Night Out‏ on the 24th March with the other nuffnangers.

The bloggers met at Sentosa One Degree 15 Marina Club and I was so excited because it was the first time I set foot there and also I get to see Sentosa Cove!!  There was a wedding held there too! How romantic.

walking and snapping pictures away conveniently.

the G1X takes amazing shots.

The bloggers are making their way to the yacht. So excited!

We took a group photo before entering the yacht. Her name is Xiao Ling.

Up at the deck, Leanna from Mox Deals did an introduction and told us more about moxdeals and the sponsors for our grand cruise night!

Mox Deals website:
With Mox Deals, you can
1) Buy Now & Redeem Later (Standard Deal)
Simply select the deal you want to buy, pay and redeem with the merchant. 
2) Book Now, Pay Later (Pay to the merchant)
With this option, you can book the deal, pay a small amount and then pay the remaining amount anytime you intend to redeem with the merchant.
3) Get More, For Less (Flat Discount)
Attractive discounts awaiting you! 

Of course, the sponsor for our yacht is...





Grand Cruise
This is one of the many great deals that you'll see in Moxdeals! Each yacht can hold up to 25 pax, including the captain and first mate. So if you want to hold a birthday party, you and your guests get to enjoy cruising around the southern islands like St John, Lazarus, Kusu and Sister Islands. For their evening cruise charter, you can also enjoy the night view of Financial District. This includes the Singapore Flyer and Fireworks at Palawan Beach at 8.45 pm (subject to availability). We did enjoy the fireworks and Songs of the Sea!

Other sponsors

Tooth Angels & Co Dental Surgeons Pte Ltd

Using the latest in dental technological advancement and techniques, they provide services like laser bleaching, laser tooth whitening.etc Basically, these processes whiten your teeth and give you a great smile! The results can last for a minimum of 7 years. Cool or what?

This is something most of us are interested in, usually for parties and gatherings. With ImpactKTV, having a karaoke machine (which also works as a music jukebox) is made POSSIBLE. There is also a fabulous additional value-added feature - recording of your own voice via a USB drive in mp3 format. Have fun listening to your recorded songs and have a good laugh :P send it to a recording company and who knows you may get lucky?!

School of Paintball
Ever heard of paintball? With your friends, you can compete in teams to eliminate your opponents by shooting them with paintballs! It'll be so much fun (but no pain no gain ok!!) *imagines a police-and-baddies scenario)

Prae Impact Studios
Prae Impact Studios provide photography services for events such as wedding and birthdays, studio shoots, and on set photography for productions.

Dynamic Fitness
Dynamic Fitness specializes in personal training.
The type of training includes body toning, correcting muscular imbalances, muscle building and losing weight. Kick Boxing is also available at Dynamic Fitness! 

Shots Asia
Huge party group? Cozy gathering? Well, these shots are perfect for a party if you're looking for alcoholic drinks. These shots have 20% alcohol content and are easily portable because the packaging is made of plastic! Cool isn't it?

These are the shots that we get to bring back! 


Back to the yacht trip!

It was near evening and the sun was setting.

snapping pictures away like a typical blogger!

What a beautiful sight isn't it?

Left to right: Felicia, Rachel, Xue Ling, Justine, Emily

snacks for us.

Xueling posing with the Mox Deals. Hot deals, cool prices :D

So glad to witness the whole process of the sun setting. As the setted, the sky became more beautiful and orangey.

the sun looked like a large orange ball right in the distance. Pretty sky was turning violet-ish.

Violet sky. So beautiful!! :')

We passed by St Johns Island, Kusu Island, Sisters Island

more self-shots because I am a blogger LOL

time flies too fast! I wish time would stop right at that moment because we were all enjoying ourselves with the night breeze, admiring the night scenery with awesome company.

We also watched Songs Of The Seas from a distance. So cool! I love their finale! 

they ended their performance with a BANG! So pretty.

We were able to catch a glimpse of fireworks from afar. However, the yacht was rather shaky so I was unable to capture a good shot.

Hong Peng taking a rest (and smiling?!)

Left: me with Mirai. I was holding my hair to secure it because the wind was very strong. It's so hard to get a good shot because hair was all over the place!

Group photo with the girls

credits to Stephen
Xue Ling's hair was blowing madly against the wind hahaha!! 

Thank you Mox Deals for these pictures!
Love the scenery behind us!!

out at the front deck chillaxing

Captain Rachel! As if! I think no one dare to go onto the yacht if I'm the captain haha.

Lastly, group photo with all the bloggers posing with our shots (:

Special thanks to the sponsors for this awesome night!!! Thank you so much for making this possible :')

Don't forget to visit Mox Deals and like their facebook page.

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