Monday, 26 March 2012

Hello G1X

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Hello to my new camera, G1X!! 

21 March, Wednesday: I went to the Hunger Games gala premiere with Xue Ling and I brought this baby out! I am still exploring the functions and uses. The Toy Camera effect is our favourite and we took all the pictures with it *_* Let the pictures do the talking.



This was our first time using a camera with a rotatable screen so our eyes were very much fixed on the screen instead of the lens. I just realized that we weren't looking into the lens in the majority of our pictures haha.

Xue Ling's expression is really funny here!

Normal shot. Lessie with his cute tongue sticking out :')

Other effects:

Miniature effect

Miniature effect

fish eye. Adorable Lessie.



By the way, The Hunger Games was really good! I was eye-candying Josh the whole time hehe. So  glad that I got to watch this for free :P


  1. nice and is that a semi-pro? :)

  2. Yes :) I feel that it is a compact alternative to a DSLR.