Tuesday, 20 March 2012

A lover is forever

Saw this on my facebook timeline back in February and I felt an urge to blog about it so ta-da, here's the blog entry!

Relationships fall and whither because eventually someone stops trying and it doesn't feel the same. The first couple of months or even years it may be the best thing you ever wished for, but eventually feelings for the other party get diminished, someone gets too busy, or doesn't even bother to try. Why? Because they get too comfortable. The beginning is all about the chase. Can you keep up? If you can then you'll get the hang of it and then you won’t want to try anymore. You aren't afraid to lose them because they're yours. Arguing leads to fighting and it just gets worse from there. It all flashes by so fast. So, cherish what you have.

This is a very common thing among relationships nowadays, isn't it? 

After years of relationship, do you take your partner for granted? Do you feel like you're getting sick of him/her and having the mindset that there are plenty of fishes out there and you shouldn't be limited to having just one partner for the rest of your whole life?

Back when the PostSecret app was still in use, I paid and downloaded it and I was glad I did. 

this particular secret caught my eye. 

I am sure at some point in your relationship, you would have thought to yourself whether or not your partner is the right one for you. In this society, it is so uncommon to have someone find their life partner easily at 1-2 attempts. Well, if you are one of them, congratulations to you. Treasure them. 

Maybe it's true, we don't know what we have until we've lost it.

The Post Secret app was closed a few months back because inconsiderable users breached the actual use of this app. It is a pity and shame to humanity that people misused the Post Secret application by uploading porn, crude stuffs as well as insulting and criticizing people's secrets. Indeed, there's a reason why these secrets were left anonymous.

I'm actually curious, how many of you do/still write love letters to your S/O? Love letters are cute and they should never be extinct! Keep the passion burning. True love never dies.

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