Thursday, 1 March 2012

Nuffnang 5th Birthday Bash

Happy 5th Birthday Nuffnang!! 
27th Feb 2012

I always tell myself that one day I will have the chance to go to Equinox or Jaan but that would be years down the road when I can afford it. Thanks to Nuffnang and the sponsors, the birthday bash was held at Equinox private dining room at level 69 and I was so stoked about it! The ambience alone is a bonus already.

photowall with Xueling, Joanna and Valentine.

our table! Nice deco~

Xueling, me & Joanna at our table when there was not much people yet.

with Joanna

with Lydia!

with Jayne :)

with Jaslyn ^^

check out the view from above!! 69 storeys up high~~!! At night, the scenery is even nicer because you can see the lights all lit up!

with Valentine~

with Marco

the food spread~ there was a large variety of food there. LOVE!!

dessert corner~ the crepe cakes are from Humble Beginnings. I fell in love with them ever since I tried them at NAPBAS! I'll definitely recommend this to you if you're looking to order cakes for any special occasions or just to satisfy your tastebuds :P

some rice pudding dessert and apple crumble


the 2 hosts for this event making their welcoming speech

Boss Ming with his speech

Dinner time!! The spread was really good. There was soba, duck confit, beef bourguignon, assorted sushi, sashimi, smoked salmon, different types of chicken.etc I wish my stomach was big enough to try everything!!! 

Chua En Lai from the Noose came over as a thai foreign exchange student. Laughters were all over the place from the time he came till the time he left! He sure knows how to mimic anyone/anything whoa!! He invited 2 bloggers up to do a pole dance and Qiu Qiu won the friendly match!

Cake cutting time with the nuffies! Pretty cake^^

more phototaking sessions right after!

with Michelle (:

with Cookie! It was the first time meeting her and we hit off so well XD

polaroids! Thanks Cookie for the polaroids hehehe ^^
with Xiaxue! She's really cute and petite in real life. Whoever said she's fat probably haven't seen her in real life. She looks kinda skinny too!

with Nat Ho!! *_* He pulls off that crazy colour so well which few people can do so.

with Brad aka Ladyironchef~ he's really friendly :)

with Huiwen~

with Claire :)

with Shine!

with Boss Ming! 

with Gabby 

Lastly, a group photo. The reason why Cookie and I were doing that pose was because Joanna suggested it. In the end, only the two of us did it. So cooperative huh?

The night ended with joy and laughter and I was so glad I attended this instead of the John Carter's gala premiere. Thank you Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity to attend. I had so much fun and I made new friends along the way. It was indeed an unforgettable experience!


  1. so that's how SG celebrated.. cool ;)

  2. XiaXue is not just looks kinda skinny! She is indeed small built and stylish. Nice photographs taken :)

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