Thursday, 8 March 2012



My blogshop is finally revived!! MYCANVASBAG is back after a major long hiatus. 

Do check out the latest collection over at

Quote 'RACHELBLOG' in your order form and get free normal postage for this collection so gogogo NOW!!

I had the photoshoot in the morning and after that I went to meet Xueling at Bugis for some retail therapy. Before that, I took some pictures because I was in the mood. I actually cringed a little because some of these pictures looked very act-cute -_- and it is probably disgusting to some of you lol

I also changed my blog header. This is definitely temporary, till I find a better one!

Never in my life would I imagine me pouting (omfgz) with a side ponytail (omfgagain) -____- but it's all for the fun!! I'd never be caught looking like this out in public unless I'm forced to or something.

my eyes looked huge here O_O I swear no digital surgery done!

This is my personal tip to make your eyes look bigger. Draw winged eyeliner style and outline HALF of the bottom waterline. By doing so, you're making the outer corner of your eyes bigger. Don't outline your whole eye though. I can't put silver/white eyeliner or eyeshadow at the corner of my eyes (supposedly will 'open' up your eyes and make it look bigger) because the makeup will tend to irritate my eyes easily. Secondly, I realized that my eyes look bigger whenever I wear oversized framed glasses without any lens. It works!! Go try it ;)

I love how my nose actually looks smaller in that picture on the right.

Had my Koi milk tea at Bugis! Nowadays it's so convenient to grab a cup of bbt as almost everywhere has it. It is not healthy and quite sinful and I've been drinking so much of it. I definitely need to control! Bukit Batok alone has 2 gongcha outlets argh!! How to resist you tell me?!

I also got some shopping loots back from Bugis - a top and a skirt. I wanted to get the lady gaga muscle tees that I saw last week but I didn't. Yesterday it was all gone already ):  I hope I can find nicer ones in the future. Have an awesome week ahead ;) 

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