Thursday, 12 April 2012

Pink Room International Nail Academy

A few days back, I attended a nail seminar held by Pink Room on the 9th April. It was an eye-opener to me   as I seldom do my nails. It was really interesting to understand the different steps explained as usually when you do nails, you don't really know what the manicurist is doing right or wrong.

my outfit for the day

Let me start off with a little information about Pink Room.

Difference between Pink Room and other academies?
Pink Room is the only school in Singapore that focus totally on Nails. Some academies focus on a broader aspects such as hair, make-up or facial. So the attention paid on nails may not be as much and you may lose out because of this! Thus, Pink Room is very detailed and focused on passing professional knowledge to their students.

As referred from information provided by Pink Room, they have gone through a lot of changes and improvements over the years to become the pioneer in the Nail industry. 

Check out their numerous awards below!

Are you interested in opening your own nail salons? 

Want to learn how to do nails as a hobby and interest?

Well, look no more further! Pink Room provides professional training for you! Plus, you can purchase nail products from their shoppe room. 

Nails fanatic will go crazy over it because you can find everything there! Learning is more convenient and cost-effective this way. Purchase products at a price that cost lower than the price retailing outside. 

in the shoppe room

There are also examinations and assignments to make sure students understand what they are learning (if not learn but don't know then how right?!). Trainers will show you step by step and ensure that all of you understand by going around the classroom to check on students, correct their mistakes.etc during practical. The school uphold their high standards with their strict marking criteria for Examinations. This will ensure that students can achieve 100% perfection! 

The table where trainers will do the demos.

You know how sometimes you go to salons and nails are not really done well? In Pink Room, standards are very important so they will make sure you can achieve a 100% perfect nail at least a few times (because 100% is really hard to do!).

Here, a demonstration of gel nail is done.
students will surround the demo table while trainer explains step by step.

 getting rid of cuticles 

 base coat 

 for gel nail polish, hand must be placed under the LED lamp for 30 seconds and 2 minutes under UV light to let it dry as gel will not be dried under normal conditions.

gel nail polish is really damn cool! apply for as long as you like (it will not dry up!) before you expose it to the LED lamp. After 1st coat, place hand under LED lamp.

2nd coat - LED lamp - Angel Pro Gel cleanser to remove the sticky layer that gel has

To remove, acetone liquid is used. The liquid is placed on the cotton on top of the nail and then wrapped with aluminium foil to make it stay for around 10 minutes so that the gel will melt.

the products that they use: base, polish, top coat (shine)
brand: Angel Pro Nail

another demo done to show us - It's the Angel Pro Magne-Gelly Polish, not your traditional nail polish. Really cool effect!

This is the 1Q32 MiniQ.LED lamp which you can buy back for home purposes. Small & cute!

students' practical time!
done by yours truly. (1Q32 Instant Gellish)

"The school is the main distributor for 1Q32 Instant Gellish and Angel Pro Nail, thus allowing the students to purchase products that they need at a lower price, as compared to the retail price outside. This also allows us to hold seminars and workshops at a lower fee, as the products are sponsored by the brands."

Pink Room is also famous for nail extensions that are sturdy and strong, yet natural looking. This special technique is unique for Pink Room students! 

2 colours + glitter used. be prepared to pay for over $100 for this! Learn it, do it yourself and for others.. save the money ;)

the end result is damn good! for designs like these, be prepared to pay for over $300+! Why pay so much when you can just learn? :P

Pink Room also organizes overseas trips for students to take part in nail competitions. Cool huh? Talk about opportunities! Read more about it at their blog -

O_O crazily beautiful nails!

okay some random pictures to end this post...

with Xueling & Cookie

Lastly, a group photo taken with the bloggers who attended :)


  1. next time let you do my nails, OK? :D

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  4. Nath - My model said I could never be a manicurist *dreams shatter* are you sure you still want me to do your nails?!

    Laura - I only had eyeliner on and it's very simple to draw! I'll do a blog post about it some time :)

    xiera - go for it! Your nails need to be pampered occasionally ;)

  5. you are really quick blogging!!! plus no lah, can be manicurist la.