Sunday, 22 April 2012

You only live once

(pictures taken at RWS last weekend)

"...this is the BEST time for you.No responsibilities, young and free. Get out there. Lowey, and explore, travel. Need help on where to go? Close your eyes and think of a sky and you lying under it - what would you be wearing? A (baggy) bikini? Fake fur coat with a woolly hat? Where are you? 

Visualise it.

If you're at college or university, there's always half-term. Get a Saturday job, save up, but just go. Anywhere. See the world. Discover how others live. There is so much of this universe to explore."
- By The Time You Read This (Lola Jaye)

I just typed a whole chunk of words out in this text box, and then I pressed hard on the backspace button. I watched as the paragraphs slowly got erased into nothingness, back into the storage of my mind. I am confused. I am lost. I am worried. Life is so stressful. People always say you've got to study hard to have a good job which will earn you good money. What happens in the process of all these? What if you do not need to worry about your future at all? You do not need to worry about paying bills, about filling your stomach, about what will happen to you next. You just do what you like till you die. Will you have lived a few hundred years with a stress-free lifestyle? Perhaps the people who have lived for over a hundred years are the ones with a made-to-be-average lifespan. Perhaps we were made to live for at least over a hundred of years but all these stress from society and problems we face daily caused us to live way much shorter. We spend so many years studying, working and then have so many responsibilities weighing on us. In the end, we use the money we earn from the earlier years to cure our health and problems.

Life's a bitch.

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