Friday, 25 May 2012

Tang Hong Kong Gourmet Food Tasting Session

Today I'm going to share with you all this newly discovered eating place which sells really good food at an affordable price. About 1-2 weeks ago, I went for a food tasting session there with some other bloggers.

I was so glad I went because the food's very delicious.  Good food must be shared!

Tang Hong Kong Gourmet not only sells chinese hong kong cuisine, but also singaporean cuisine as well as western cuisine. When you dine there, you will be spoilt for choice because of it's wide variety of food. 

The nearest mrt station would be Tanjong Pagar and you'll have to take an approximate of 10 minutes walk to reach the place. It is located amongst shop houses along Neil Road.  

Tang Hong Kong Gourmet is actually opened by celebrity chef Benson Tong. He is also a guest star on FM1003 where he shares on few delicacies as well as tips on ways to cook Singapore food. You can listen to him every Tuesday from 10:30am to 11:30am. He has also clinched a gold medal in the Singapore Culinary Institute Culinary Challenge in 2010. That's impressive!

This was our menu for the day.

Water Chestnut with Sugar Cane / Pink Guava Drink $1.50

Tang Authentic HK Roast Duck $25 (half)
I love this!! The skin is so crispy and the duck meat is so tender. The chef roasted the duck himself and this dish is specially marinated. YUMMY!

Coconut Milk Prawns $12.90
This has got to be the best dish for the night. I dislike coconut milk but somehow I could not taste the coconut in it. I love the crispy batter and it is sooo good. The sauce (coconut milk?) compliments the prawns so well!! Thumbs up for this dish. I'm definitely coming back for more.

Pig Trotter in Vinegar $8.90
I saw quite a number of customers eating this so this must be really good! It was a pity that I was unable to appreciate a pig trotter dish. The marination was too strong to my liking.

Tang Sweet n Spicy Fish Head $16.90
The fish was fresh and there was a lot of meat. The fish meat was very tender as well. If you are someone who doesn't really take spicy food, you can try this too because the spiciness is at a mild level (for me). 

Spicy Deep Fry White Bait $6.90
I love this! Deep fried battered silver fish yum yum!! When you take a bite, you can see the silver fish inside the batter. Sometimes when you eat such dishes, you totally cannot taste the fish or even see it at all because it is so small and almost everything is made up of the batter. 

Chicken Cutlet $8.90 
(this was supposed to come with fries but only the cutlet was given for us to sample)
I can't put a name to this taste.. This seemed to be specially marinated and it tasted like a mixture of Chinese and Western to me. Nice! There are a few bones in it though.

Chef Benson Tong doing an introduction, sharing with us his experiences and telling us more about the dishes we savoured that day.

photo with the chef!

Double Boil White Fungi with Papaya $4.60 
This is a nutritious bowl of dessert. Red dates, white fungi, papaya! The sweetness level was just right for me. Got room for desserts and feeling sinful after your dinner, get this.

Complimentary cupcake made by friend of Chef Benson.

Group photo with the bloggers who attended. 

with Hong Peng and Vanessa

with Xueling. 

Prices are relatively reasonable for a cafe/restaurant. Plus, you can dine comfortably in an air-conditioned place and enjoy good food. If you go to hawker for zi char, you pay about the same prices. If you happen to pass by that area, do drop by and have a meal. 

Tang Hong Kong Gourmet Restaurant
Address: 116 Neil Road
Opens daily from 11:30am to 10:00pm.

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