Thursday, 21 June 2012

Aga-Boom - Theater of Physical Comedy

A few days back on the 19th June, I went to Aga-Boom's performance, and now I am going to share with you my experience :)

Firstly, thank you  MoxDeals for sponsoring the tickets!

Aga-Boom was held on the 15-20 June at Downtown East. This show is really popular with family and kids!

A little background information:
Rooted in the unique European theatrical style and universal language of clowning, Aga-Boom cuts through the barriers of language and culture with the art of slapstick, the humor of physical comedy and the delighted excitement of childhood.

Aga-Boom is an interactive mayhem that carries audiences to the other side of the funhouse mirror, with outrageous zaniness and unrestrained laughter. This 75-minute explosion of pure family fun, for children and adults alike is high energy, and nothing you have ever seen before.
Created by veteran of Cirque Du Soleil Dimitri Bogatirev , Aga-Boom was nominated for the Ovation Award , in the category of best touring show, along with The Producers, 42nd Street, Lily Tomlin and Elaine Stritch.
Aga-Boom had successful engagements on Broadway, Las Vegas, San Francisco, Boston, and Los Angeles. It was highly critically acclaimed from coast to coast. The show has thrilled and delighted audiences around the world, performing for more than 500,000 people in Japan, Mexico, Korea, Singapore, Russia, Chile and the United Arab Emirates.
our tickets. Clifford was my partner for that day.

While waiting for the show to start...

I didn't manage to take many pictures as I was stopped by the security guard -.- so these were what I managed to capture!

A clown in ragged clothes made his first appearance.

I like how the comedians engage the audiences every now and then and even invited them up to the stage. Laughters were mostly from the children. This is a great show for families with young kids. Kids will definitely enjoy this! I have to admit, at certain parts it can be boring for teenagers like us but kids were laughing all over the place. 

Towards the end of the performance, balloons and large trash-looking bags were seen flying all over the place.

Clifford and I were enjoying it although the kids were rather rowdy and chaotic. 

Everyone, young and old, were having lots of fun! This was the part where we enjoyed the most :P very entertaining!

Spot the huge one!

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