Sunday, 3 June 2012

Born This Way Ball Singapore


The tweets that I favourited months back! I was stoked!

When Sistic started selling priority tickets for Amex holders for the concert on 28th may, I borrowed my uncle's credit card but it did not work. I was so scared that I would not be able to get any tickets to see her live. When the credit card failed to go through the payment system, I cried so bad. I still remembered that day when I was at home in the morning after many failed attempts to get the tickets. I was sobbing uncontrollably to my mum and hugging her. Thankfully, I managed to get them in the end!

Some makeup that I had randomly experimented prior to the concert:
I wasn't drawing it seriously and it was done shabbily. I had a fun time researching and playing with the makeup! :)

On Saturday 26th May, I headed down to the Stadium and was determined to queue up should I be the first. The first person gets the pit key and also to meet Gaga backstage where she will give the person a beautiful necklace.

(credits: @ladygaga's twitter)

Only the first person of every ball in queue will get it so basically, about 110 people around the world will own it. That's really exclusive! I arrived at the Stadium at about 3pm and there were a group of friends queuing up already so I decided to just go queue up early on Monday. I told myself I must get a good standing spot no matter what.

On Sunday 27th May, I received an email from Sistic stating that overnight queues were prohibited and there will be a wrist tagging system. The queue will be opened at 8am. I woke up at 5 am in the morning, changed my clothes and left the house. I didn't even bath because there's no time left to waste. Clifford and I took a cab to the stadium and we arrived at about 6 am.

An unofficial but orderly queue was formed opposite the stadium. Some monsters exchanged greetings to us as we walked past them to line up. By then, there were about 20 people in the queue. If we had taken the cab, we would have arrived at 7am and we would probably be the 100 odd number or so.

The queue was so long by the time it was 7am and I was so glad I took a cab. It became rather chaotic at one point of time at 7am+ where people started running across the road to the stadium and everyone followed suit. I remembered the security guard saying, "Why are you all running?". It was a hilarious sight to see people scrambling all over the place trying to be number #1. Then before I knew it, half of us started running back across the road to the unofficial queue. It was crazily messed up as people started cutting queue and there was even a commotion. Thank goodness I was back in the same spot but there were more people ahead of us because of unreasonable people who cut the queue.

At 8am, we were brought into the stadium in batches for the wrist tagging.
My queue number was 0033 which could have been 0023 if not for uncivilised people. After we had our wrist tags, we headed home for a nap and a bath after which I drew on my makeup and changed into my outfit.

eye makeup done. I forgot to add a 3D teardrop and Gaga's mole lol!

I didn't wear heels or anything over the top because I wanted to be comfortable throughout the concert.

My makeup was adopted from the Judas video and I love it! Frankly speaking, my makeup was rather simple and not even extravagant or over the top, yet I got looks and stares (even comments) from strangers. By the way, I had a hard time drawing the lines. As simple and easy as it seemed, it was not.

The Pen A and Pen B queue was formed at 4pm. Thank goodness for my portable fan, it cooled me down from the blazing hot weather. We were being led into another queue at a little over 6pm.

Official merch booth.

Doors opened at 6:40pm and we all made our way inside. I was rather lucky to be at the front row. It felt so surreal. The stage was just right in front of me and I felt like it was a dream come true. I could not believe I would be watching Gaga perform live in a bit. At that moment I was thinking, "I am going to see Lady Gaga soon. Live. Right in front of me. So close. Is this real life?"

DJ Zedd made a special appearance at 7:30pm. Zedd was set for the opening of the Asian leg tours.

Zedd has got to be the best DJ I've ever heard! His remixes are insane. He was really enthusiastic throughout his gig. There was a part where he told all of us to get our cellphones out and he went like, "You blocked me on Facebook and now you have to DIEEEE.". I'd go clubbing every fortnight if Zedd is playing in our local clubs. He is so good and he deserves to be part of the Born This Way Ball :)

At about 8pm, Zedd left the stage while the crowd chanted GAGA and waited anxiously for Gaga to appear. It seemed like a really long wait and Gaga only appeared at 8.30pm. I could have died of anticipation.

Finally, the curtains were drawn and the castle's magnificent sight was revealed. The photos I had seen online had came to life right in front of my eyes.

It was the Born This Way Ball Castle right before me, all illuminated and Gaga was somewhere underneath that beautiful castle.

Act I:

The space intro

Highway Unicorn started playing in the background and everyone screamed while looking out for Gaga. Her dancers exited from the left side of the stage with banners that read G.O.A.T.


(pictures extracted from my videos)
Gaga started singing the first verse of the song as she made her first appearance in an amoured unicorn-like creature. It was crazy. The unicorn wasn't really a unicorn or a real horse but it was 2 people beneath it. I was literally shaking all over when I saw her. All hail the queen!

Operation: Kill the Bitch (interlude)!

“Initiating satellite. Space renagade Lady Gaga has escaped. Downloading image of prisoner. Alien fugitive objective: To birth a new race. Operation: Kill the bitch!”

The next song she sang was Government Hooker. These were the best I could capture because she was moving so much. She came out at the right side of the castle and made her way down the castle's stairs with the company of some really sexy moves and shaking of booty. 

She went up to the top of a table with a dancer sitting there as the table turned around. I supposed the man was "John F Kennedy". 

(snapshots from video)
It ended with Gaga taking out a gun and shooting him. Her outfit is so amazing. 

-Birth (interlude)-

Born This Way was next. The castle OPENED up, revealing Gaga behind a gigantic blown up pregnant belly and a zip vagina. She moaned as though she was giving birth. After a while, she sank down and disappeared out of sight before making her way out of the blown up vagina. I really loved this part of the performance. It was really creative of the Haus to think of this before the Born This Way performance. 

Check out the video that I took here:

This song is obviously familiar to the 11,000 strong crowd and everyone was awed by the performance. She was so theatrical and pop at the same time. Unfortunately, I was unable to capture a good picture because of the fog. Fog it.

Her amazing dancers.

simply beautiful 

Black Jesus † Amen Fashion played thereafter. I love this song!!!


The next item was Bloody Mary. She was on an elevated roller that moved her around. I was expecting Gaga to do the insane Bloody Mary scream which she did at another BTW ball but she did not. 

As Gaga was moving around, she said calmly "Now say my name." before the "GAAAGAAA... GAAAGGAAAA" part of the song as we all held our paws up and screamed our lungs out.

Mother G.O.A.T. Manifesto I (interlude)
“This is the manifesto of Mother Monster: On G.O.A.T, a Government Owned Alien Territory in space, a birth of magnificent and magical proportions took place. But the birth was not finite; it was infinite. As the wombs numbered, and the mitosis of the future began, it was perceived that this infamous moment in life is not temporal; it is eternal. And thus began the beginning of the new race: a race within the race of humanity.”

Bad Romance was next. The crowd was on estacy when Bad Romance was playing like, "THAT'S MY SONGGGGGGG! THAT'S MY SONG!"

I swear that cute dancer was looking into my camera *shrieks in delight*

After Bad Romance ended, Gaga stood still on the stage with a really cute pose for what seemed to be a really long pause. I was busy clicking my camera away because she was standing so still! 

Lady Gaga after performing Bad Romance - Interlude

the fog is gone so yessss HD picture!! 

Gaga looked as flawless as can be, insanely perfect even when she was sweating buckets. Tell me, how can anyone sweat so much and still look so flawless?

(click to enlarge) Gaga looked perfect even when she sweated profusely. Zoom in this picture and you'll understand why I said that. Ridiculously photogenic Gaga ;)

Then.. she sang Judas! Judas is one of my favourite songs on the Born This Way album and I got really excited! She did not complete the song though.

Act II:

Fashion Of His Love started out the guitarists playing and later, Gaga appeared at the top of the castle. 

donning a powdery pink origami dress.

She then walked into what seemed like a wardrobe circle of clothes while singing to the lyrics. The clothes are AMAZING. I wish I can own them!!! I zoomed in the pictures to have a closer look hehe.

Just Dance.

She was on a slanted crate like platform and it was slowly elevated to horizontal level. 

Love Game: Gaga ascended from below the stage.


During Telephone, Gaga picked up a plushie on the stage stairs, held it close to her before throwing it back to the crowd. SO CUTE!! When Gaga shook her booty to the crowd, everyone went mad because it was SO SEXY!!! When Telephone ended, she skipped like a little girl back to the castle. That was such a cute ending to a song!

Act III:

Mother G.O.A.T. Manifesto II (interlude)

Heavy Metal Lover's performance was next. Gaga's dancers appeared first followed by Gaga.

Gaga appeared on a moving bike. Her ass. BAM!

I was trying to zoom in to her ass (this was a screenshot from the video I took) lmao!

 Her outfit slays my life.


Bad Kids performance.


During Bad Kids, Gaga talked to a security guard right in front of her (DUDE DOESN'T KNOW HOW LUCKY HE WAS) to get a fan's disco stick. She proceeded to dance with it. How sweet :')

She was air humping the stick LMAO! Her expression looked so cute!!! Argh *dying of cute overload*

After Bad Kids, she sat on the stairs of the stage and invited her 2 dancers beside her to thank them for being there for her.

Heartwarming moment :)

I think after she was done, she said, "Okay you can leave the stage." to her dancers and we all burst out in laughter haha!

Gaga also talked to us about how she was being bullied in school, being thrown into a trashcan and people mocking at her. Well, those people can suck their thumbs now as they watch Gaga rise up higher and higher with every passing day.

Gaga was sitting on the stairs talking to us and telling us how amazing we looked that night when a fan threw a doll on stage. And she went like "Oh awww!" before picking it up. She gave life to the doll, complete with hands and legs movement as she walked the doll beside her. 


Someone wrote a news article about this. Read it here.

Gaga made a speech before performing Hair. Watch the video here:

Hair (VIDEO 1)

In the midst of Hair, she talked about how the Monster Paw was created!

Hair (VIDEO 3)

Hair (Acoustic) was so brillant and stunning it took my breath away. Whoever said Gaga can't sing obviously haven't heard her acoustic songs.

You And I was next, followed by Electric Chapel.

You & I video:

Electric Chapel

Gaga looked so cute putting on her bedazzled cloak as she sang Electric Chapel. 

She then proceeded to stand beside the guitarist and started performing with a guitar which was slung over her. 

 After that, she walked to the right side of the stage and jumped along with the music as she sang and played the guitar. She was so enthusiastic and full of energy.

After Electric Chapel, she exited the stage on her motorbike-cum-piano.

Act IV:


 Next up was Americano. Gaga appeared hanging among 2 slabs of giant meat on a giant ladder rack. She donned a sweetheart meat dress which looked really cute on her petite frame.

She looked so cute climbing up on that rack. Lucky rack.


Poker Face was up next. She was making a heart sign aww!

She was actually wearing a meat leotard and a meat skirt so she stripped off the meat skirt to reveal a sexy leotard which looked really amazing on her. Well, every outfit looks amazing on her.

 In Alejandro, Gaga appeared sitting on a sofa which ascended from the bottom of the stage. She was sitting in a relaxed manner on the sofa wearing a machine gun bra which spelled A-W-E-S-O-M-E-N-E-S-S and army green pants.

  At one point, her dancers surrounded her and the whole scene was so touchy. In fact, all the dancers could be seen with sweat dripping off their bodies. They were all so hot and toned up!


Paparazzi. BANG!

Act V:

Gaga told us that Schieße would be the last song for the night. Time flew so fast! Schieße was one of the best performances for the night.

The choreography was amazing beyond words. It was such a breathtaking sight. Every dancer along with Gaga were in sync with each other. It was so crazy when everyone started singing along with Gaga "Ich schleiban austa be clair es kumpent madre monstere aus-be aus-can-be flaugen begun be uske but-bair" since those words were gibberish. Every monster started screaming like never before when they saw the Schieße's choreography. I was so impressed!

When the song ended, Gaga and her dancers bowed and she said Goodnight to Singapore before leaving the stage. We were all screaming ENCORE ENCORE while checking out for signs of Gaga around the castle.

After a while, some people left which was really too bad for them because that was not obviously not the end since the main lights were still off.

A few minutes later, Gaga appeared at the top right of the castle wearing a Versace robe and playing the piano.

She was singing, "I'M ON THE EDGE THE EEDDGEEEE THE EDGEEEEE THE EDDGGEEE" with so much energy and love that explained her expression :')

She took off the robe and tied it at the edge. She was literally on the Edge Of Glory!

I'm on the edge of glory, and I'm hanging on a moment of truth!

Dancing to the Edge Of Glory

 The finale of the Born This Way ball was Marry The Night. It was astonishing. Gaga was wearing a beautiful outerwear and her amazing Louboutin boots.. She looked so flawless. In fact, I have never seen anyone so perfect. Really, how could anyone looked so perfect after performing  and sweating so vigoriously and heavily? Her voice was maintained throughout the concert even though she screamed and panted a lot.

ONE OF MY FAVOURITE PICTURE OF HER!! She was catwalking along the stage when she randomly picked up an army uniform that a fan threw over earlier. Before we realized, she held it close to her face to smell it. I'M MELTING!!!!!!!! The crowd was surprised and stunned by what she just did. It was so unexpected! Gaga broke out into a cheeky and playful laughter after :')

Video of Gaga making a speech before performing Marry The Night: 

Gaga even said she would marry us! "..and just to make sure you don't forget me, let's get married."  YES, LET'S GET MARRIED GAGA!!! I DO I DO! :')


This was one of the few times I felt so happy spending a huge amount of money. This $291 is money well-spent. You have got to see Lady Gaga perform live at least once in your lifetime. She's an amazing and remarkable live performer. Even if you don't like her, you got to admit that she's one of the best live singers in the pop industry. Gaga is the Queen Of Pop!

show me your teeeeth

Well, the Born This Way Ball is not complete if you don't take a picture with the beautiful castle as the backdrop :)

In all, the Born This Way Ball is a visual and audio feast of the eyes and ears. The stage itself is already so magnificent. The dancers are really amazing, not to forget Gaga's energetic live performance and charisma, I'd say the Born This Way Ball is perfect. I am really lucky and thankful to be at the front row of the Born This Way Ball compared to other people who did not manage to. My effort of waiting did pay off.

28th May would forever be etched in my memories. It is a day that I would never ever forget. Thank you mother monster for the precious memories. I will stick by you forever and I will never leave you.


Paws up!

I went back to the Stadium on 31st May to check out the merchandise because on that day it was so crowded. Gaga merchs were rather expensive but getting something is worth it! After all, it is Gaga :)

This really cute tee shirt made me $50 poorer but it is worth it! I was contemplating between the Marry The Night tee and this but decided I preferred this instead. Love!!!

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Check out all my videos here. I'll be uploading more!

brb suffering from Post-Ball Depression *_*


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