Saturday, 23 June 2012

Earth & Clay Workshop

I was invited to a clay workshop by "Earth & Clay" at Suntec City Mall on 20th June. I was really excited about it because I love doing DIY stuffs and I was told that I would be able to bring home my work too!

Some background information on Earth & Clay(extracted from website)
Creating Life-size Clay Sculptures of hands and feet.
Earth and Clay offers a unique experience of life clay casting. We break the mould of producing kitschy mementos by introducing clay casting to create life-sized clay sculptures of whole hands and feet. Participate directly in the process, get creative and choose from an array of colours and frames to customize your very own clay sculpture. The final product encapsulates every form, intricate lines and details on the hands and feet and even the distinct contours of the nails. A quality gift and a piece of artwork, the clay sculpture captures the life of significant events.
An instruction manual was provided to us so that we can have a rough idea on how to go about the whole process for basic hand casting.

The bloggers are having fun! 

First step is to pour the powder into a bowl of water and then stir it quickly.

At first, it will look all lumpy.

Powder is slowly dissolving.

After about 2-3 minutes, it is ready to be poured into a container.

Mixture will gradually turn white and that's when it will harden.

Tap the sides of the container to get rid of bubbles in the mixture. You can also use your fingertips to pop the bubbles on the surface.

Slowly sink your hand inside the mixture until you can feel the base. After that, lift your fingers up a little and adjust your hand to make sure it doesn't come into contact with the base or the sides of the container.

Some works that are on display! You can customize the colour of your hand after it is done. There are over 10 colours to choose from.

clay foot belonging to a 7 year old kid.

After your work is done, you can frame it up and add photos to beautify it! 

There are many occasions where you can do hand casting such as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, baby showers.etc 

Babies hands are the cutest!! See the little fist there? Omg so cute!!!! 

Get a partner to do it with you so it will be easier :)

hehe our partners helping us to stir the mixture diligently :D

Pretty in pink

Slowly submerge your hand into the mixture.

I'll like to thank Jayne for this *glamorous* candid shot -laughs-

helping to check if mixture has hardened. 

Imprinting is done!

Mine's the 3rd one! 

Moudling: filling in the spaces

The mould will harden after 30 minutes so you can do other things and have a break during the wait.

waiting for it to harden...

30 minutes later..

Hello hand! The front part is not exactly pleasant looking but it doesn't matter because the main part is the palm! 

My fingers are really long or maybe because they are skinny. I'll advise you to trim your fingernails and make sure it is short before the hand casting as long fingernails may create scratches when you pull your hand out or even cause uneven surfaces on the mould.

Spraying colour onto the clay. The colour will not drop unless you touch it religiously everyday. 

We also chose the desired colour of the plates we want to put our artwork on. Our hands were then superglued onto the plates.

Xueling and her pink hand

I love this colour! It is called "honey gold".

Although my hand is not perfect, I am satisfied with it :)

My hand is now safely in the display cabinet at my home hehe!

Proof that this is my hand LOL. Okay, I'm just posing for a picture.

I am glad that I attended this workshop. It gave me an insight on the process of hand casting and I really enjoyed the whole experience. 

This is definitely something unique that you can give to a friend or a loved one. It will be a rather creative gift!

Check out their Facebook for more pictures. Kids' clay sculptures has got to be the cutest!

Earth & Clay is located at Suntec City Mall #03-075.

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