Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fish & Co Food Tasting Session II

Fish & Co has invited us again for a second food tasting session.

The other time, there were feedbacks that portions were too small. Fish & Co listened to our feedbacks and changed the portion to regular sizes.

The revamped student menu
All you need is your student card! After school specials are available on weekdays till 6pm.

No GST or service charge. Nett price!

Fish & Co. enhances your dining experience further with its latest collaboration with SONY PlayStation®Vita! PlayStation®Vita is available at 6 of its outlets namely: The Glass House, ION Orchard, Clementi Mall, Jurong Point, Fish & Co. Express @ Downtown East and Fish & Co. Express @ University Town, NUS. 

Fish & Co believes in enhancing the dining experience of their customers through the use of the coolest technology available. 

For this launch, Fish & Co will be introducing Uncharted - the Golden Abyss, voted one of the most popular games for PlayStation®Vita. They also have other exciting games such as a friendly dad-and-son match, where the winner gets to take home a PlayStation®Vita handheld console!

They were the first restaurant in Singapore to introduce an iPad ordering system back in November 2010. With this iPad ordering system which comes in handy during peak hours such as the weekends where the staffs are busy, customers can order via the iPad. This makes it much more convenient and efficient to place orders instead of waiting for the staffs to take your order.

menu on the ipad

The bunch of bloggers ordered everything to share and try :)

The student meal comes with a beverage. I chose Passion Fruit.

3 sleek tvs hanging on the ceiling to keep you entertained while waiting for your food to arrive.

Our food has arrived! The bloggers were all snapping pictures away before tucking in. 

Swiss Fish & Chips
This is one of my favourites. I love the sauce. It compliments really well with the fish.

Request for garlic butter sauce! I love to dip my fish and chips in it. It is a really good complement.

Artic Fish & Chips
The type of fish used is different and I didn't like the taste of the fish so this dish will be a no-no for me.

Singapore Fish & Chips
This is something rather novel. If you're craving for chilli crab and fish and chips, you can get this one. There are shreds of crabmeat on top of their homemade chilli sauce.. worth a try if you will like to have a combination of local and western delights.

Danish Fish & Chips
chilli powder sprinkled and topped with lemon butter sauce 
This is not bad. The sauce is good :)

New York Fish & Chips

there is something special about this NY fish & chips. There is generous stuffing of parmesan cheese. Great combination for cheese and fish lovers. Unique!

Japanese Fish & Chips:
fish and chips stuffed with furikake and mozzarella cheese topped with seaweek
I do not really take a liking to the fish used in this dish. It will be better if they use the standard type of fish though. There were furikake (dry Japanese condiment that is usually used to sprinkle on top of rice) amongst the flesh and also some seaweed sprinkled on top. Soba sauce is also provided as part of the dish so you can dip your fish into Japanese goodness!

Italian Fish & Chips:
Chilli flakes and mozzarella cheese topped with homemade tomato sauce 
Nothing special about this and I'm not a fan of tomatoes so this is a miss for me.

Dessert time! What's a complete meal without desserts?
Molten Choco Cake with Ice-cream

Lime Pie

Choco Caramel Cake

Strawberry Daiquiri Colossal

Group photo with the bloggers :)

If you're looking for a comfortable and affordable place or restaurant to dine and chill after school with your friends, you can consider Fish & Co with it's student menu that is priced reasonably!

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